Schill Cologne (Kolsch) - 55 lb

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Schill Cologne Kolsch is a mildly kilned German Pilsner malt that contributes a rich malty sweetness and a golden color. From a maltster co-op based in Osthofen, this malt is used by some of the brewpubs in that city to make their trademark ale. Kolsch malt has a light, sweet and extremely German flavor and aroma with a little bit of biscuit character. Schill Cologne has had good results using a multi-temp step mash with Kolsch malt, but a single infusion although not traditional works as well. This malt is produced in the only malting in the Cologne region of Germany.

  • Size: 55 lb
  • Malt Type: Specialty
  • Orgin: Germany
  • Color: 3.9 - 4.9 °Lovibond (8.8 - 11.7 EBC)

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