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White Labs WLN4100 Ultra-Ferm/Amyloglucosidase was developed to reduce saccharification times, saccharify unmalted cereal brews, and increase attenuation. It eliminates residual sugars, both for production of low calorie beers and extra high-alcohol beers. Ultra-Ferm is a liquid amyloglucosidase (highly concentrated) from selected classical strain of Aspergillus Niger for ethanol or dry beer production.

Ultra-Ferm help produce light beers or dietetic beers by breaking down starches and dextrins to a fermentable glucose. Normally, brewing methods permit only 75 to 80% hydrolysis of starch present in the grain raw material, however, Ultra-Ferm amyloglucosidase permits 100% hydrolysis of dextrins from all types of starch to fermentable glucose.

Production of ethanol is faster and the yield is higher. After starch liquefaction by alpha-amylase, dextrins are hydrolysed in glucose by amyloglucosidase, before alcoholic fermentation. The recommended saccharification temperature is 60°C. Amyloglucosidase activity is completely destroyed when the saccharified liquor is held at 85°C for 10 minutes.

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