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Inventory Reduction - Diablo IPA Complete Kit


This Craft Brews Collection Beer Kit from Mr. Beer includes all the necessary equipment needed to brew one 2 gallon batch of fiendishly hopped Diablo American IPA beer from home! The 5.5% ABV Diablo IPA is fiery amber in color with intense mouthfeel, displaying a blend of floral spice and stonefruit aromas with a firm and lingering bitter finish.

All of the equipment in this beer kit is reusable, allowing you to brew batch after batch of high-quality, easy-to-make beer from home. We also carry a variety of Craft Brews Collection malt refills to give true beer enthusiasts an at-home micro-brewery experience.


  • 8 Liter (2 Gallon) Fermenter & Lid
    Completely reusable purpose designed fermenter which minimizes yeast transfer and has a unique venting system. Makes 2 gallons of award winning beer with every batch. This fermenter has an industry leading and durable BPA free plastic that imparts zero flavor to the beer. Easier to clean and maintain!
  • 11 Plastic 740mL Bottles, Caps, and Labels
    Each kit includes reusable plastic (PET) bottles, complete with screw caps and labels. These FDA approved bottles are specifically designed to hold beer.
  • No-Rinse Cleanser
    This No-Rinse Cleanser cleans and disinfects with oxygen, and doesn't require rinsing when used to disinfect. When used properly, it will not contribute off flavors to your beer. This single pouch will prepare both keg and bottles for one batch of beer.
  • Brewing Ingredients
    Includes 1 can of Diablo IPA hopped malt extract (HME) and dry brewing yeast.
  • Carbonation Drops
    For use instead of priming sugar when bottling. Carbonation Drops are a convenient, no mess, no fuss alternative to priming sugar. Each package contains 22 drops.
  • Detailed Printed Instructions

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