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In 2012, brothers Bill and Jim Mitchell's frustrations with homebrewing prompted the duo to look to create an entirely new brewing process.

Jim, a food chemist and physicist, desired to incorporate more control in the process of beer brewing on a small scale. Bill, having been building software, boards, and appliances for decades, knew this was possible. The two joined forces with engineer Avi Geiger in 2010 and formed PicoBrew.

A few years (and many pints of beer) later, the first PicoBrew Zymatic®; was born. The Zymatic improves the precision, repeatability, and overall quality of the beer-brewing experience. It allows you to slightly modify each individual batch, to fine tune your beer to your individual taste.

They followed that up with the Pico Pro and Pico C Brewing Systems, making homebrewing even more compact and affordable. Now every home brewer can truly focus on the art of flavor and style with each batch of beer.