Allavino 19" Wide Cascina Series 50 Bottle Single Zone Stainless Steel Wine Refrigerator

Model: KWR50S-1SR
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  • The Allavino KWR50S-1SR Cascina Series 50-Bottle Wine Cooler is an elegant and convenient wine refrigerator with ultramodern performance features that treat your collection with the care it deserves
  • This wine cellar features a black cabinet, a stainless steel framed thermopane glass door, a curved stainless steel handle, and blue interior lighting
  • Wine cooler includes automatic defrost, a top quality compressor, and a digital temperature display with push button controls and a temperature range between 41-64°F (5-18°C)
  • Allavino's wine refrigerator comes equipped with a bottom storage area and 6 extending, removable wooden shelves that are capable of storing and cooling up to 50 bottles of wine at one time
  • This unit is designed for freestanding installation and includes a keyed door lock for added security
Allavino Cascina KWR50S-1SR freestanding wine refrigerator

The Allavino Cascina KWR50S-1SR

If you're a wine lover with limited available storage space and an ever-expanding bottle count, the Allavino Cascina Series KWR50S-1SR Wine Refrigerator is just what you've been looking for! You can store up to 50 bottles in this elegant freestanding compact cellar with ultramodern performance features that treat your collection with the care it deserves.

Allavino Cascina KWR50S-1SR durable attractive wooden shelves

Durable and Attractive Wooden Shelves

The KWR50S-1SR can store 7 standard size wine bottles on each of its 5 sturdy wooden shelves, and includes 3 extra shelves that can store 5 bottles each or adjusted to fit oversized bottles. Each of the shelves can be effortlessly extended or taken out for easy loading and unloading.

Allavino Cascina KWR50S-1SR easy to push button control LED temperature display

Intuitive Controls with LED Temperature Display

An easy to read LED display and push button controls are conveniently mounted on the upper outside section of the stainless steel framed glass door, allowing you to easily monitor and adjust your temperature without having to open the door. The temperature can be set as low as 41°F or as high as 64°F depending on your needs.

Allavino Cascina KWR33S-1SR cool blue interior lighting

Cool Blue Interior Lighting

Showcase your collection and ensure that you can always find the bottle you're looking for with cool blue LED lighting, which can illuminate your cabinet with the push of a button.

KWR33S-1SR stainless steel framed door with lock

Stainless Steel Framed Glass Door with Lock

Keep harmful light away from your wine with this UV-protected tinted glass door. It is framed with sleek stainless steel, and features a keyed security lock to further protect your bottles.

  • Color: Black Cabinet with Stainless Steel Framed Glass Door
  • Stores Up to 50 Wine Bottles
  • Temperature Range: 41-64°F (5-18°C)
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: 77°F
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature: The lowest temperature you want to store your wine at. The unit does not have a heater, so if the ambient temperature is lower than the set temperature, the internal temperature will match the external temperature.
  • Digital Temperature Display and Push-Button Controls
  • Auto Defrost
  • Removable Wooden Shelves Extend for Easy Bottle Access
  • Blue Interior Lighting with On/Off Switch
  • Insulated Thermopane Glass Door
  • Curved Handle
  • Door Lock for Security
  • Top-Quality Compressor
UPC: 810069433509


Everything as decribed!

I like the design and look of this cooler. I would like it better if the shelves were's a little tight on Pinot Noir bottles. Not so much that I would return it. Just snugger than I like. It is quite and doesn't seem to cycle much. I've only had it a few days, so time will tell on it's longevity.


Very satisfied

Shipping was fast and the unit came in perfect condition. Seems to be working flawlessly. Only complaints is that it will only hold 48 standard sized bottles. Any variation in size and it dramatically cuts back the bottle count to the mid-upper 30's. I expected this, so I'm not disappointed.


Attractive, and nice size for price

This unit is very nice looking. I think it looks more expensive than the price. It is also quiet, even when the cooling fan is on, the hum is not bad at all. The only criticism I have (which prevented me from giving a 5 star rating) is the lock. We have a 2 year old daughter and we needed a unit with a lock. While this has a lock, it is not great. It is basically a small, Allen-type lock that you could easily open without the key using pliers or some such tool. It keeps out our 2 year old, but would never keep out a teenager, if you know what I mean.


Glad to have it

Works well, it took a while to reach the proper temp, but it is stable.
I only wish it had the caster styled shelving. It is just molded plastic and the drawers are a bit hard to manage. but for the price it is what it is.


OK, but has issues

Keeps steady temp, quite, looks good. Problem; inside dimension is too small overall. Seven cabs fit on a shelf; however the back three have to ride high on the back edge, which makes sliding the racks forward very difficult. (To correct, I used a jigsaw to scallop out the backs of the shelves to allow the back bottles to lie flat. Give more clearance between shelves so that they slide forward easier. Lot of work, but effective.)
Also, bottom area is poorly designed. Bottles do not lie flat, hence some corks will not remain wet. It will accomodate larger bottles, just not many. Smaller Cab bottles don't fit very well. Overall, decents. Suggest spend a little more to get a bigger, better designed unit.

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