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Vin Table Wine Stoppers

VIN TABLE's Original Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers are a must for re-corking open wine bottles. Easy twist-in and twist-out combined with a leak proof fit make theses stoppers a best seller. With the Silicone Wine Bottle Stopper inserted, the wine bottle can be laid on it's side, or even turned upside down without any leaking. With their simple design, these stoppers won't break and are a snap to use and easy to clean. Competitively priced and very popular, the Silicone Stopper is a must for your tasting room.

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VIN TABLE LLC is a manufacturer, and wholesaler of bungs and stoppers. Originally founded in 1986, they began as an exclusive importer of Grape Vine VIN TABLE China. Today, VIN TABLE is best known for its original Silicone Wine Bottle Stoppers used to recork open wine bottles. Their bungs are created from FDA approved - food grade silicone, designed for safety and easy sterilization. VIN TABLE's patented bungs are made in the USA.