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Allavino FlexCount Series Wine Refrigerators and Beverage Centers

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Allavino FlexCount Series

The latest innovation from Allavino is here! The Allavino FlexCount Series Wine Refrigerators have been designed with diverse wine collections in mind.

Most wine coolers on the market are designed with the standard 750 mL bottle in mind, but as you probably know, there does not seem to be a "standard" anymore! To give their bottles a unique look that stands out on the shelves of wine retailers, many wineries have deviated from the old standards which is great for them, but can wreak havoc on your wine storage with your average wine refrigerator.

Store these bottles without removing shelves!

Allavino FlexCount Series Wine Refrigerators are not your average wine refrigerator! Featuring cutting edge shelves that maximize the available space while sturdily supporting your precious collection, FlexCount Series Wine Refrigerators can hold larger diameter bottles without the need to reconfigure or remove shelves. Taller bottles, tapered bottles and larger diameter bottles up to Pinots and Chardonnays can be stored in each model, meeting the needs of collectors with varying bottle shapes.

State-of-the-art FlexCount Shelves

So if you like more than one type of wine and are in the market for a wine refrigerator that can store your assorted stockpile, browse the Allavino FlexCount Series models below and find the one that is right for you!