Save-The-Wine Vacuum Pump Preservation

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If you don't finish the bottle, save the wine! Until now the market for wine vacuum pumps has been mostly limited to wine aficionados. Now Metrokane expands the market with an affordable pump and a name that speaks to the average wine drinker. The Save-the-Wine vacuum pump pays for itself when the first half bottle of good wine is preserved!

The design of Metrokane's Save-the-Wine vacuum pump is classically simple. It has an ergonomically shaped handle that pulls a vacuum with ease. It's packaged with two pushbutton stoppers that can hold a vacuum for days and will release it at the touch of a button.

Key Features:

  • Removes air from opened wine bottle
  • Preserves the wine taste and bouquet until bottle is opened
  • Ergonomically designed pump handle for easy operation
  • Comes with two patented "Push Button" stoppers
  • Stoppers hold vacuum for days
  • Vacuum released at the touch of a button

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