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Schott Zwiesel

Pure Riesling Wine Glass Stemware - Set of 6


Schott Zwiesel's Pure Collection is a contemporary adaptation of classical wine varietal shaped glasses. The stems of the glasses are tall--like the Diva Collection, but with a unique "shoulder" near the bottom part of the bowl. The bowl itself is designed to enhance the flavors of the wine with its linear, sharply-angled shape that provides the perfect surface area for your fine wine to breathe. Crafted from lead-free titanium crystal glass, Pure Wine Glasses are strong and dishwasher-safe, remaining clear and lustrous for years to come.


  • Lead-Free Titanium
  • Tritan Technology
  • Product Dimensions: 8-7/10"H x 3"D
  • Capacity: 10.1 oz.
  • Linear, Sharply-Angled Shaped Bowls
  • Ample Capacity to allow Swirling and Releasing of the wine's flavor and aroma
  • Exquisite Crystal
  • Slender and Tall, but Sturdy Glass Stems
  • Dishwasher safe
  • For Tasting, Light White Wines and Ros1/2© Wines


    Schott Zwiesel Crystal Glassware

    A Quantum Leap in Crystal Glass
    After long years of intensive research and development, in collaboration with the University of Erlangen, Schott Zwiesel has succeeded in creating a new type of crystal glass. The use of unique ingredients combined with an advanced manufacturing process, has created an incredibly pure, hard and clear crystal glass. A crystal glass that is highly resilient to dishwashers, accidental breakage and chipping. Tritan® is a unique, patented crystal glass that sets new standards.

    Additional Strength Added to Vulnerable Zones
    There are three zones on a piece of stemware that are most prone to breakage:
    • the rim
    • the junction of the bowl and stem
    • and the junction of the foot and the stem.
    Schott Zwiesel technology individually tempers each one of these zones to give added strength to the tritan composition. The stemware resists chipping and breakage to stand up to the abuse of daily use. This technology creates lasting durability and longer life to the stemware, without compromising the aesthetic quality of the product.


    Schott Zwiesel Crystal Glassware

    The World's Best Crystal Glassware
    Schott Zwiesel has a 130 year history of innovation and success, including such breakthrough developments as the first machine made stemware and the first lead-free crystal. With the introduction of the patented Tritan® Crystal material (the result of special additives such as titanium and a unique tempering process) Schott Zwiesel has once again revolutionized the industry. Rigorous laboratory testing proves that Tritan is the most brilliant, most dishwasher safe and most break resistant crystal glass in the world.

    Capacity10.1 oz.

    Pure Riesling Wine Glass Stemware - Set of 6 Reviews

    Average Customer Rating:
    (based on 1 reviews) 
    Gorgeous glasses in zip time.
    by:Enid (09-23-2013)
    Pacifica, CA
    Comments:Schott Zwiesel wine glasses are our favorites because of their sturdiness. We used to carry them in our retail store. Recently I ordered 12 Pure Riesling glasses (love the shape)and 12 Fortissimo glasses on separate orders. They arrived within 3 days! Dealing with a company that knows what it is doing is getting more rare all the time. Bravo! Beverage Factory.
    Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.

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