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Beverage-Air Single Faucet Kegerator Beer Dispensers

Beverage-Air Full Size 1/2 Barrel Kegerators offer users the highest quality commercial grade efficiency. Affordable and user friendly, Beverage-Air draft beer equipment provides ultimate mobility and application for home, club, and hospitality use. With Beverage-Air kegerators ice cold beer dispensation is guaranteed thanks to heavy duty, full keg capacity and forced air refrigeration. Explore Beverage-Air barrel kegerators today!

Beverage-Air Kegerator BM23-B Commercial Beer Cooler - Black Vinyl
Beverage-Air Kegerator BM23-S-31 Outdoor All Stainless Steel Commercial Beer Cooler
Beverage Air Kegerator BM23C-B Club Top Beer Cooler - Black Vinyl

Founded in 1944, Beverage-Air is a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment to the foodservice and beverage industries as well as to the public. Offering the very finest of Kegerators and beer dispensing equipment, Beverage-Air is also famous for their high quality coolers, freezers, and refrigerators.