Danby Single Faucet Kegerator Beer Dispensers

Danby Full Size 1/2 Barrel Kegerators are outfitted with standards of the highest quality and innovation. Beer dispensing with Danby's 1/2 Barrel Keg Coolers leave you the option to entertain and enjoy fresh cold beer with your guests inside the home our on your outside patio. Both keg cooler units offer the benefits of holding a full size or pony keg and convenient mobility thanks to their strong rolling casters. Explore Danby Full Size 1/2 Barrel Kegerators today!

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Danby is an industry leader in household appliances and specialty appliances such as beer keg refrigerators. With keg coolers and other appliances that are at the forefront of technology and satisfying consumer needs, Danby builds products to fit both the monetary and lifestyle needs of today's customers.