Inventory Reduction - Keg Taps Coupler G System - Ergonomic Lever Handle - Stainless Steel Probe

Our warehouse is full and we need to make some room! A limited number of units are being sold at a discount to clear space Hurry and take advantage of our Inventory Reduction Sale, because they won't last long at these prices! This model is brand new in original packaging and still under the manufacturer's warranty

The Kegco KT3102W-G Keg Coupler is compatible with G System beer kegs such as Caffrey's, Boddington and Anchor Steam. It has a stainless steel probe that is resistant to chemicals and won't chip like chrome. It's ergonomic lever handle easily clicks up and down to engage the keg, making it more convenient than the conventional lever style keg couplers that need to be pulled out before being pushed down. It also features a 55-psi pressure release valve to prevent over pressurizing the keg.

  • Ergonomic HandleErgonomic Handle:
    The KT3102W-G has an easy to use ergonomic handle. Simply press the lever down to tap a keg and pull it up to untap it. A mechanism inside the coupler handle automatically locks it into position so you don't have to pull the handle out before moving it up or down. Anyone who has pulled the handle off of a keg coupler can appreciate the convenience!

  • Stainless Steel ProbeStainless Steel Probe:
    The keg probe, which is the part that actually presses down into the keg to allow beer to pass through the coupler, is made of high quality stainless steel. It is resistant to chemicals, making it more sanitary than chrome plated brass.

  • Forged Brass BodyForged Brass Body:
    This premium keg tap is constructed of forged brass to stand up to tough commercial environments. The body also features a 55-psi pressure release valve, allowing you to easily let the pressure out of the keg.

  • System: G
  • Ergonomic Lever Handle
  • Forged Brass Body
  • 304 Grade Stainless Steel Probe
  • 3/8" O.D. Barb Gas Port (To fit 5/16" I.D. Gas Hose)
  • 7/8"-14 Thread Beer Port (U.S. Beer Industry Standard)
  • Compatible with European breweries such as Caffrey's, Boddington and Anchor Steam
  • NSF approved

  1. Beer Nut (YH-BEERNUT)
  2. Beer Fitting (YH-GBFIT)
  3. O-Ring (YH-GORING)
  4. Check Ball Retainer (YH-KCBR)
  5. Check Ball (YH-KCCB)
  6. Body
  7. Check Valve (YH-KCCV)
  8. Hose Nipple (YH-KC316HN)
  9. Hex Nut (YH-HEXN)
  10. O-Ring (YH-KCOR1)
  11. Probe (YH-GPROBE)
  12. Body Washer (YH-AMGG)
  13. Pin (YH-GHPIN)
  14. Handle Pin (YH-KCHP)
  15. Handle (YH-HANDG)
  16. Safety Valve Housing (YH-KCSVH)
  17. Safety Valve Assembly (YH-KCSVA)

Inventory Reduction - Keg Taps Coupler G System - Ergonomic Lever Handle - Stainless Steel Probe Reviews

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