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Co2 Tank Frequently asked Questions

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CO2 Frequently asked Questions

What are the main concerns when dealing with CO2?
Warning - CO2 Can Be Dangerous!

  1. Always connect CO2 gas cylinder to reducing valve or regulator. Failure to do so could result in an explosion with possible death or inury when the cylinder valve is opened.

  2. Never connect gas cylinder directly to keg.

  3. Always secure gas cylinder in "upright" position.

  4. Always keep gas cylinder away from heat.

  5. Never drop or throw CO2 gas cylinder.

  6. Always ventilate after CO2 leakage.

  7. Always check the D.O.T. (Department of Transport) test date located on the neck of the cylinder before installation. If over five (5) years, do not use, return the gas cylinder to gas supplier.

  8. Never connect a product container unless there are two (2) safety mechanism's in the pressure system
    1. One at or on the CO2 regulator. (the regulator supplied should be inclusive of such a safety mechanism)
    2. One at or on the product container coupler or in the pressure gas line. (the keg coupler should be inclusive of such a safety mechanism)

  9. If it becomes difficult to breathe and your head starts to ache, abnormal concentrations of carbon dioxide may be present in the area. Close the main valve on the CO2 cyclinder and leave the room immediately.

  10. Gas cylinders should be stored in the coolest part of the establishment, preferably at 70° F., and securely fastened in the upright position before the primary regulator is attached to the cylinder.

How Do I Replace an Empty CO2 Cylinder?

  1. Close Valve by turning clockwise "A"

  2. Unscrew adjustment screw (counter-clockwise) "B" as far as it will go.

  3. Remove regulator from empty cylinder "E"

  4. Remove dust cap from new cylinder at "E". Open and close valve "A" quickly to blow dust from the outlet.

  5. With cylinder valve "A" in closed position, reattach regulator to cylinder at "E". Be sure to include the CO2 washer.

  6. Open valve "A" all the way. (This is important because this cylinder valve seals in two places.)

  7. Readjust regulator pressure "B" and open optional valve "C".

What size tank should I buy?

CylidnerDiameterHeightEmpty WeightFull Weight
2 1/2 lbs3-1/2"18 1/4"6 1/2 lbs9 lbs
5 lbs5"17 1/2"12 1/2 lbs17 1/2 lbs

It takes about 1/2 lb of CO2 to dispense a 1/2 bbl of beer. A 2 1/2 lb CO2 cylinder should dispense between 4-5 1/2 barrels or 8-10 1/4 barrels. A 5 lb CO2 cylinder should dispense between 8-10 1/2 barrels or 18-20 1/4 barrels.

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