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1/2" Auto-Siphon

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Auto-Siphon 1/2" Racking Cane / Perfect for 5 Gallon Buckets and Carboys / Twice the Speed of the 3/8" Auto-Siphon / Single Stroke Action / Removable Tip / Smooth, Leak-Free Operation / Easy to Sanitize

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This Auto-Siphon 1/2" Racking Cane is perfect for transferring beer and wort from 5 gallon buckets and carboys, and its larger diameter allows it to work at twice the speed of the 3/8" Auto-Siphon. Its single stroke action and removable tip allow you to draw a siphon without disturbing sediment. It is precision designed for smooth, leak-free operation, and is easy to sanitize.

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