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This is the 2-product, dual faucet version of the Beverage-Air BM23 Kegerator. This draft beer refrigerator offers full beer keg capacity, is heavy-duty and has forced air refrigeration - draft beer is dispensed ice cold every time.

Standard construction includes wear resistant vinyl on steel exteriors with black the most popular vinyl choice. The top is made from heavy-duty stainless steel including built-in drip tray for easy cleaning. Top rail is standard on all models.

Photo of Beverage Air BM23.

Inside construction utilizes galvanized steel for walls and ceiling. Reinforced floors and doorsills are made from heavy-duty stainless steel to provide lasting service. Door is self-closing with key lock. Magnetic gasket provides positive door sealing. Cabinet insulation is foamed-in-place moisture resistant polyurethane (CFC free) foam which binds the exterior walls with the interior walls to form solid construction and provide unsurpassed insulation.

Lift-out heavy duty forced-air refrigeration system creates a steady flow of cold air through the complete product load and provides fast uniform recovery and cooling. Refrigerant used is R134a, which is CFC free for full compliance to all environmental concerns. A 6' cord and grounded plug are provided for electrical connection.

Works with Commercial and Home Brew Kegs.

This two product kegerator comes with a stainless steel 3" diameter double faucet draft tower. The gas hose, beer tubing, washers and clamps are included. You will need to specify your keg coupler set up and add a Co2 tank and regulator.

The Beverage-Air BM23 is large enough to store both a full size keg (non- rubber) and up to a 10 lb. Co2 tank. This beer cooler can store three 1/6 barrel kegs or four home brew (5 gallons) tanks. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

You can easily customize your draft beer parts to dispense the type of beers you plan on pouring. Please call us if you have any questions about all your configuration options. We have set up the order process to ensure that you will not be missing any parts to properly dispense two kegs.

We are draft beer experts. All draft beer and custom home bar installation questions related to this kegerator are handled toll free (1-800-710-9939) by one of our friendly and experienced staff.

Keg Capacity Chart.

This kegerator can fit one Full Size or Pony Keg, up to two Quarter Slim Kegs, and up to three 5 gallon kegs.

  • Keg Storage Capacities:
    • One (1) Full Size / 1/2-Barrel (15.5 Gal.)
    • One (1) Pony Size / 1/4-Barrel Short (7.75 Gal.)
    • Two (2) 1/4-Barrel Slim (7.75 Gal.) or
    • Three (3) 1/6-Barrel (5.23 Gal.)
    • Four (4) Home Brew (5.0 Gal.)
  • Single Door Design
  • 4" Heavy-Duty Swivel Casters for Easy Mobility
  • 3" Insulated Chrome Draft Beer Tower with 2 Faucets (Knobs Not Included)
  • Continuous Cold Air Channeled Through Tower to Ensure Cold Product
  • Wear-Resistant Vinyl on Steel Exterior
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Top with Drip Tray and Guard Rail
  • Capped Opening in Top for Water Station Line Penetration
  • Galvanized Steel Walls and Ceiling
  • Stainless Steel Floor and Reinforced Door Breakers
  • Magnetic Gasket Provide Positive Door Sealing
  • Self-Closing Doors with Locks
  • Balanced Refrigeration System Designed to Operate 36°F-38°F
  • Refrigeration System Utilizes Ozone Friendly R134a Refrigerant
  • CFC-Free Foamed-in-Placed Polyurethane Insulation
  • Readily Adaptable for Installation of Wine Dispensers or Water Station
  • Available in Black Vinyl Finish
  • UL Listed and NSF Certified
  • 1 Year Parts and Labor
  • Additional 4 Years (Parts Only) on the Compressor

UPC: 608938443014
Depth29 1/2"
Unit Weight150 lbs
Labor1 Year
Parts1 year
Compressor (Parts Only)5 years
Key Features
Built-in CapableNo
Security LockYes
Keg CouplerNo
CO2 TankNo
Cleaning KitNo
Outdoor UseNo
Commercial UseYes
Keg Storage Capacities
Full Size / 1/2-Barrel1
Pony Size / 1/4-Barrel1
1/4-Barrel Slim2
5 gal. Ball/Pin Lock Keg4
CabinetBlack Vinyl
Drip TrayYes
Guard RailYes
Draft Beer Tower
Number of Faucets1
MaterialChrome Plated Metal
Color / MaterialBlack
Number of Doors1
Door HandleYes
Field ReversibleNo
Accepts Custom Overlay PanelNo
Cooling System
Defrost SystemAutomatic
Front VentilationYes
Adjustable ThermostatYes
Electrical Requirements115 V / 60 Hz
PDFDispense Kit Assembly Manual

Dual Faucet Commercial Keg Refrigerator Reviews

Average Customer Rating:
(based on 4 reviews) 
Best Unit for all around
by:LighthouseDave (08-22-2014)
Comments:I have two of these, and both are dependable and quiet. They can keep the beer cold even in the August sun as the tower is cooled as well. Fan forced cooling is essential for outdoor use and the big wheels are nice for the patio. Only gripe is the drain line hose is short and located in goofy center of drip. Would have been better to slant the drip pan and run the drain line from the hinge side, not in they way then. other than that small issue, great.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Love the kegerator; hated the process
by:mabo2211 (01-04-2014)
Comments:Unit is great. Can fit 3 six-stools easily along with CO2 tank. Great for all beer styles and drinkers (I'm somewhat of a beer snob). It is easy to clean as well and does not make too much noise( I read some reviews before purchasing and some said it was really loud).
The only issue I had was in the process of getting it from Beveragefactory. First, the company that was suppose to deliver never contacted me to setup deliver (I had to call them). Then, when they delivered it, the door hinge was severely damaged and I had to send it back (beveragefactory did send me a new unit after I sent them pics of the damage and I also received an additional coupler for my troubles). The second unit was much more efficient in getting to me as I think the company (both beveragefactory and the freight company) could sense my displeasure with the first go around.
In the end, the unit has worked out as good or better than expected. Lesson to others: stay patient when waiting for it to arrive and check before signing off on deliver.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
A Few Things You Should Know About
by:Mike H. (01-27-2013)
Atlanta, GA
Comments:I have owned two kegerators before this one. The previous ones were low end models and both died after a few years, so I decided to spend the cash and buy a commercial grade. The first thing to know is this unit is pretty loud. The fan runs constantly to keep the unit cool, which is a good thing for beer quality, but not so much if you want peace and quiet (for a man cave it is probably OK, but not in a kitchen). On the dual faucet tower the faucets do not line up with the drip tray. The drips from the faucet fall directly on the top surface. The drip tray arrived scratched and I am working with Bevergae Factory to have replaced. This unit is tall. I assumed I could lower it by 4 inches by removing the casters, however the compressor in the back allows only the unit to be dropped by an inch and a half. So If you are looking to line up with a countertop top surface (at standard height) then it will not quite work. The unit does pour a good beer though. No foam, constant temperature.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
The Best Kegerator
by:K. Howard (06-27-2008)
Victoria, TX
Comments:This unit comes with a hose that blows cold air up into the tower to eliminate the heat that is up their. I get very little foam issues on the first pour. Also the casters for this model are very sturdy I do take it outside for BBQ's. The only thing bad is it runs a little louder but for colder beer and less foam I think it is worth it.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
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Model: BF BEVAIRBLACK-2  $1775.00
Select Upgrade Options
Polished Stainless Steel 2 Faucet Tower (Included) +$0.00
Upgrade to 14" Tall Polished Stainless Steel 2 Faucet Tower +$12.00
Upgrade to 14" Tall All Stainless Contact 2 Faucet Tower +$27.00
Upgrade to 14" Tall Stainless Steel 2 Faucet Tower w/ Perlick 630SS +$52.00
Remove Draft Tower from Order (No Thanks Already Have One) -$50.00

Optional CO2 Tank
No Co2 Tank Selected +$0.00
Add 5 lb. Co2 Tank +$56.95
Add 5 lb. Co2 Tank with Electric Red Epoxy Finish +$61.99
Add 10 lb. Co2 Tank +$84.99
Add 15 lb. Co2 Tank +$94.99

No Regulator Selected +$0.00
2 Product Pro Series Double Gauge Regulator +$59.95
2 Product Premium Double Gauge Regulator +$61.95
2 Product Double Gauge Commercial Grade Regulator +$69.95

SELECT 1ST KEG COUPLER (Required if you don't already own one)
First Coupler Not Selected +$0.00
KT85 - D System Keg Tap - Lever Handle +$21.25
KT86S-L - S System Keg Tap Coupler Lever Handle (Import Kegs) +$28.00
KTS97D-W - D System Keg Coupler - Ergonomic Handle +$34.95
KT3102W-G - G System Keg Coupler - Ergonomic Handle +$45.28
KT1104W-A - A System Keg Coupler - Ergonomic Handle +$45.28
KT2410W-M - M System Keg Coupler - Ergonomic Handle +$45.28

SELECT 2ND KEG COUPLER (Required if you don't already own one)
Second Coupler Not Selected +$0.00
KT85 - D System Keg Tap - Black Lever Handle +$22.00
KT86S-L - S System Keg Tap Coupler - Black Lever Handle +$31.99
Ball Lock Home Brew Keg Tap Complete Set +$14.99
Pin Lock Home Brew Keg Tap Complete Set +$14.99
Perlick Lo-Boy Low Profile D System Keg Tap Coupler +$55.95
KT1104W-A - G System Keg Coupler - Lever Handle +$49.95
KT1104W-A - A System Keg Coupler - Lever Handle +$49.95
KT2410W-M - M System Keg Coupler - Lever Handle +$49.95

Add Commercial Kegerator Cover
Kegco TX-3339 Commercial Kegerator Cover +$44.99

OPTIONAL CLEANING KIT (Important To Clean Lines after each Keg)
Optional CLEANING KIT! Add Economy Beer Line Cleaning Kit +$19.95
Kegco Deluxe Hand Pump Pressurized Keg Beer Kegerator Cleaning Kit w/ 32 oz. Cleaner +$34.99
Add Complete D System Pressurized Cleaning Kit +$117.99

Add 2 Slide-on Faucet Locks +$69.95
Add 2 Wrap Around Faucet Locks +$101.90
Add 2 Wrap Around Locks for Perlick 600 Series Faucets +$107.98

Optional Beer Y Splitter Fitting
Add 898B - Beer Y Fitting with 3/8 Inch Bore +$16.95

Brand New - Kegco 3 Gallon Strap Handle Keg +$89.99
Brand New - Kecgo 5 Gallon Strap Handle Keg +$94.99
Brand New - Kegco 5 Gallon Rubber Top Keg +$101.99
5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg - Reconditioned Beer Keg +$69.99