Digital Full-Size Beer Keg Dispenser - Black Cabinet with Matte Black Door

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Authorized Kegco DealerThis Kegco K309B-1 Digital Single Faucet Kegerator adds digital functionality and a wider available temperature range to one of the best kegerators you can find. Your favorite features from our other high-quality Kegco Draft Beer Dispensers are still included, such as attractive styling, a removable and easy to clean built-in drip tray, a chrome guard rail to prevent your glasses from sliding off the top, and easy rolling casters that allow you to move the unit from room to room with ease. Now, in addition to having a wider available temperature range for more precise temperature control, you also have the ability to view your specific temperature setting and easily set it with the push of a button.

  • Digital Temperature ControlDigital Temperature Control:
    It's never been easier to set and verify your keg cooler's internal temperature than with our push button controls and digital temperature display. Instead of a manual dial to adjust the temperature, these units have up and down buttons that give you a more precise control, and the clear LED display can be set to show either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

  • Internal FanFan-Forced Cooling for Super Cool Temperatures:
    K309 Beer Refrigerators feature fan forced cooling, which provides even cooling throughout the unit and gives you one of the coldest temperature ranges of any beer refrigerator on the market - as low as 32 degrees!

  • Large CapacityLarge Interior:
    This beer keg refrigerator has a spacious interior that easily accommodates any full size keg (including Coors Kegs, Miller Kegs, and rubber kegs!), as well as up to two 5-Gallon D System kegs or up to three 5-Gallon Cornelius Ball Lock Home-Brew Kegs. This large capacity gives you the option to dispense more than one beer keg at a time.

  • Deep ChillDeep Chill Function:
    If you have ever needed to quickly cool a warm beer keg, this Deep Chill function will be perfect for you! Press the convenient Deep Chill button, and the compressor will work continuously for 24 hours to get your keg to the desired temperature. Simply press the button again, and the unit will return to it's normal operation.*

  • Convertible to RefrigeratorConverts to a Refrigerator with 2 Shelves:
    This versatile keg dispenser does more than just dispense delicious beverages. If you need extra refrigerated storage when not dispensing beer, this unit can be converted to an all-refrigerator using the 2 included adjustable shelves. These shelves can be spaced far enough apart to hold gallon jugs or 2-liter bottles, and you can even store wine thanks to the wide temperature range.

    Easy-Roll Casters
  • Locking Casters Provide Mobility:
    Take the party from the bar to the patio with these easy-roll casters! One your beer cooler is in position, they can be locked so that your cooler won't move again until you want it to.

These keg beer dispensers have all the equipment you'll need to dispense a delicious glass of cold draft beer. The single tap draft beer dispensing system includes a Draft Tower with one Faucet, a CO2 Cylinder, a Regulator, and a Keg Coupler, which can all be customized for a setup that's just right for you.

* - Letting the Deep Chill function run for the full 24 hours may result in freezing of the keg.

  • MDK-309B-01 1-Faucet Keg Beer Cooler and 1-Tap Keg Beer Dispense System
  • Kegco K309B-1Includes a brand new aluminum 5 lb. Aluminum Co2 Tank
    This Tank is produced from high strength aluminum alloy 6061-T6. This is superior to a steel tank because it will not rust. The service pressure is up to 1800 PSI/124 BAR with a test pressure of 3000 PSI/207 BAR. These cyldiners are stamped with required U.S. Department of Transportation and Transport Canada Markings. The 320 Valves are CGA approved, and have a male thread for Co2 Regulators. Average fill good for 5-6 Kegs depending upon your fill. (5.5" diameter, 18.25" Height).
  • Includes Single Gauge Co2 Regulator
    This Regulator works with any Co2 Tank with a CGA-320 valve. The single gauge measures PSI indicating how much Co2 pressure is inside the keg. Adjustable output pressure 0-60 psi. 3000 psig Max Primary Inlet. 60 psig Safety Relief Valve R82. Female CGA-320 connection. Ball valve outlet w/ 5/16" OD Hose Barb connection. Total ports = (2) Primary 1/4" FNPT ports, (2) Secondary 1/4" FNPT ports. UL Listed, Compressed Gas Regulator - for use w/ Air, Co2 and Inert Gases.
  • Includes 5 feet of 5/16 Inch I.D. Blue Air Line Assembly with 2 Snap Clamps
    The standard length is 5 feet of 5/16" I.D. Blue Air/Co2 Tubing made of Thermoplastic Vinyl Hose (Super Vinyl). This tubing will not rot, swell or dry out and is unaffected by normal cleaning compounds. This air line assembly comes with two Plastic Snap Clamps with a reusable clamp design.
  • Includes D system Lever Handle Keg Coupler which can Tap all Domestic Kegs
    This is a Commercial Grade Lever Handle Keg Coupler that works with all American "D" System Sankey Kegs. This coupler features a 55-psi pressure relief valve and a nickel-plated forged brass body. To tap a keg all you have to do is pull out and then down on the lever handle to properly couple the keg. This Keg Coupler can be swapped out to a Home Brew Coupler for no additional cost.
  • Includes a 3" Diameter Chrome Plated Metal Draft Tower
    The Tower is a commercial grade Single Column, Single Faucet, 3" Diameter, Chrome Plated Metal Draft Tower. This Tower comes complete with a chrome plated faucet with brass lever and 5 Feet of 3/16 Inch I.D. Clear Beer Tubing that ends in a Nozzle & Hex Nut Assembly that connects to all standard keg couplers. This Tower is mounted using the gasket and four screws that are included.
  • All dispensing accessories are UL recognized components
  • Converts to refrigerator 2 full-width wire shelves
  • Large enough to hold all full size kegs (Including Coors, Miller and many additional brands)
  • Holds: 1/2 barrels / Full Size Kegs (15.5gal), 1/4 barrels / Ponies (7.75gal) and 1/6 barrels (5gal)
  • Matte black cabinet and door
  • Digital temperature control keeps temperature in range of 32°F-75°F
  • A perfect option for dispensing beer, soda, kombucha or wine
  • Deep Chill function to quickly cool down warm keg
  • Easy roll casters for mobility
  • Removable built-in drip tray with grill to collect spills
  • Chrome guard rail to protect your mugs and glasses from sliding off
  • Stainless steel interior floor mat for long lasting durability and easy glide of beer keg
  • 25% more energy efficient design saves you money each month!
  • Plugs into standard home outlet
  • UL Listed
  • 1 year parts and labor warranty, 5 years parts only warranty on compressor and sealed system

Commercial Configuration.

Home Brew Configuration.

This kegerator can fit one Full Size, Pony, or Quarter Slim Keg, two 5 gallon commercial kegs along with one 5 gallon home brew keg or up to three 5 gallon home brew kegs.

Keg Capacity Chart.

UPC: 608729691815
Unit Weight96.8 lb.s
Shipping Weight110
Labor1 Year
Parts1 Year
Compressor (Parts Only)5 Year
Key Features
Built-in CapableNo
Security LockNo
Keg CouplerYes
RegulatorSingle Gauge
CO2 Tank5 lb.
Cleaning KitNo
Outdoor UseNo
Commercial UseNo
Keg Storage Capacities
Full Size / 1/2-BarrelHolds 1
Pony Size / 1/4-BarrelHolds 1
1/4-Barrel SlimHolds 1
1/6-BarrelHolds 2
5 gal. Ball/Pin Lock KegHolds 3
5-Liter / Mini KegHolds 3
Drip TrayYes
Guard RailYes
Draft Beer Tower
Number of Faucets1
Color / MaterialMatte Black
Number of Doors1
Door HandleRecessed
Field ReversibleYes
Accepts Custom Overlay PanelNo
Cooling System
Defrost SystemManual
Front VentilationNo
Adjustable ThermostatYes
Electrical Requirements115v/60hz
Running Amps1.7 A
PDFInstruction Manual
PDFDispense Kit Assembly Manual
PDFParts Diagram

Digital Full-Size Beer Keg Dispenser - Black Cabinet with Matte Black Door Reviews

Average Customer Rating:
(based on 90 reviews) 
Loving it.
by:Connie (11-05-2015)
Comments:It is so neat looking and it really wasn't that harad to put together.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Nice Kegerator
by:gspang123 (11-05-2015)
Philadelphia, PA
Comments:This kegerator seems quite nice and was exactly as described. The interior quite large so it can fit any type of keg and up to 3 sixtels or home brew kegs at once. I upgraded a number of the parts including the tower and faucets to perlick stainless steel options and they look great although I haven't had an opportunity to try them yet as I just had this item delivered last week and installed it over the weekend. I left several inches around it for ventilation but installed it under a counter and it fits in very well with only around 2 inches between the top of the unit and the bottom of the counter top. I look forward to getting a keg in there in the next week or two to really try it out.

The one thing that I don't like about the kegerator is the lack of space to run multiple gas lines into the unit if you want to hook up an external tank. It has a spot for one line but since this unit can support up to 3 products at once it should have additional options for running the gas. I don't want to waste space inside the unit and have a nice location in a cabinet beside the kegerator to keep and monitor my gas tanks (I'll be keeping one extra on hand to ensure I always have gas, just like I do with propane for my gas grill) and it requires running one of the lines through the top of the unit with the beer lines. It looks like this should not prove to be an issue but it would have been nice to have an additional or at least a larger hole to run multiple gas lines through.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Love This Unit
by:The Wee Irishman (09-22-2015)
Cleveland, OH
Comments:I love this's the first that I've owned personally, but I've operated a friend's for several years now :-). He has a commercial grade unit that operated very nicely, but this does every bit of the job a much more expensive unit would do.

First, I loved my experience dealing with Beverage Factory. I ordered the unit, it shipped out, was delivered well ahead of the original estimated delivery date from the shipping company. I had inside of a week from San Diego to Cleveland, OH. Everything was packaged neatly, all of the pieces were easy to find, and everything was securely wrapped in a way that would minimize the possibility of damage in transit. Mine showed up in perfect condition.

Assembly was a breeze. I had the unit assembled and hooked up in about an hour. NOTE: If you order one of these units, I highly recommend downloading the instructions and assembly manual that Beverage Factory makes available on the site ahead of your unit arriving. By reviewing the steps for assembly and the proper procedure for attaching the couplers to the kegs (to minimize pressure creep) I was ready to go when the unit arrived with no surprises and no reading/re-re-reading when it was time to drink! I just needed CO2 and beer.

As for the unit itself, it got right to temperature with no problems at all, and the temperature holds with little to no fluctuations. I'm so glad that I went with the digital unit because, between the "deep chill" function and the ability to easily adjust the temperature from the front of the unit, keeping beer cold and pouring smoothly is a breeze. Another important thing that I noticed on this unit is that the tower stays relatively cold, and comes nicely insulated with what appears to be plumber's insulation around the faucets and lines, and then a styrofoam cap at the top, just under the main cap. I bought several upgrades, including dual faucets, stainless tower, and Perlick taps. (The Perlick is a definite MUST on the upgrade list if you want complete and total shut off with no drips). When I first hooked hooked up my two kegs (Sam Adams--a rather finicky beer with regard to foam--beer sites are full of people who can't get Sam right, and Stone IPA) I adjusted the pressure to 8 psi, and after and initial cooling period and burping of the lines, this unit runs great ALMOST from the very first flick of the tap. I say "almost" because I still needed to run the tap for about a second to purge the warmer beer (I just chug it), but then the beer that comes out is smooth, foam-free, but producing just the right amount of head. I've since added a tower cooler from a third party manufacturer, and that has made a difference. I think with some less finicky beers in there and a tweak to the pressure, I might well get it going from the very beginning. I did NOT upgrade to the Perlick low-profile couplers, and I have plenty of room at the top for everything. In fact, I currently have 2 sixth-barrel kegs, a 5 lb. CO2 canister, a tower cool and a 6-pack of bottled beer in there (the 6 pack is there because it's super cold and just because it's a beer I love but cannot find in a keg).

The CO2 regulator that comes with the unit is actually very nice. It has quick shut off valves that come in handy on a number of levels. But more importantly, the valve holds pressure with minimal "creeping up" of the pressure, providing that the kegs are properly introduced to the system. It responds immediately upon increasing the pressure, however a decrease in pressure is a much slower process and seems to take longer than I want to respond--I normally don't like to keep the door open that long, so I adjust it to where I think it needs to be and check a couple of hours later. Usually I get it to where I want it, but my friend who runs the higher end kegerator uses a much older regulator that responds both ways, immediately.

All in all, this is a great unit and I high recommend it. I've had it running for about 2 and a half weeks now and everything is going great and the unit is performing superbly.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Great product, should have bought first
by:Tim (09-01-2015)
Columbia, MD
Comments:I wanted to start kegging my home brew, and I was initially set to buy this exact model, but a sales guy at my local home brew store initially talked me out of it, and recommended going the home build route. Well, I did that, and a month later I bought this. Although the home route worked, I had issues keeping the door sealed after having to remove all the plastic shelves, and then to my dismay, I had enough vertical space for a sixtel keg and my homebrew keg, but the sixtel is just enough larger that I couldn't fit two kegs in my kegerator. I had been very careful about which fridge I bought based on the need for two kegs. Well, I learned my lesson, and the Kegco kegerator was in my living room a few short weeks later. It fits my homebrew keg, my sixtel of Sam Adam's Oktoberfest, and a six pack to boot.

This kegerator is very well done. The recirculating keeps the air moving, and the tower cold, so when the beer dispenses, I'm not getting all foam. I had to buy a fan with a hose for my old kegerator to keep it chilled, and it was sort of loud. Silence with the Kegco. The mounting bracket keeps my CO2 tank in place on the inside, as well as the option to put it on the back. The digital thermostat keeps the temperature spot on, without the need for an external temperature controller, that I had on my old kegerator. With all the add ons I had to do with my old kegerator, I believe I would have saved money on the Kegco, had I bought it to begin with.

My only complaint is that I wish there was an option for a stainless drip tray. If the tray could be swapped out (which, I'm sure Kegco could make available), I'd be giving it 5 stars all day long. Right now, It's about a 4 3/4 stars.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
One Keg or Two?
by:Cornhusker (08-26-2015)
Omaha, NE
Comments:I have contemplated getting a kegerator for quite a while. I was initially planning on buying one from a big box store but after some research decided I wanted the flexibility of having two faucets. It arrived sooner than expected and was delivered right to my garage. I was able to assemble it in about an hour with no problems. I bought ½ barrel keg for a large gatherings and even in an un-air-conditioned garage the inside of the cabinet was an icy 32°.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
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Digital Full-Size Beer Keg Dispenser - Black Cabinet with Matte Black Door Model: KC K309B-1 20%$629.99

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SPECIFY KEG COUPLER (Kegerator Includes D System Coupler)
Default D System Keg Coupler Lever Handle (Included) +$0.00
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Pro Series Single Gauge Regulator (Included) +$0.00
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Upgrade to Premium Dual Gauge Co2 Regulator +$10.00
Upgrade to Commercial Grade Dual Gauge Regulator +$11.00
Remove CO2 Regulator from Order (No Thanks Already Have One) -$10.00

5 lb. Co2 Tank (Included - Comes Empty) +$0.00
Upgrade to 5 lb. Tank with Red Finish +$5.00
Upgrade to 10 lb. Co2 Tank (May have to Place Outside Unit) +$17.95
Remove Co2 Tank from Order (No Thanks Already Have One) -$35.00

Chrome Plated Metal Tower (Included) +$0.00
Polished Stainless Steel 3" Tower +$10.00
Polished Stainless Steel 3" Tower (100% Stainless Contact) +$25.00
Polished Stainless Steel 3" Tower with Perlick 630SS +$35.00
Remove Draft Tower from Order (No Thanks Already Have One) -$15.00

OPTIONAL 2ND KEG COUPLER (If you Plan on Tapping Import or Home Brew Kegs)
Select D System Keg Tap - Black Lever Handle - KT85D-L +$25.95
Select S System Keg Tap Coupler - Black Lever Handle - KT86S-L +$31.99
Select Ball Lock Home Brew Keg Tap Complete Set +$14.99
Select Pin Lock Home Brew Keg Tap Complete Set +$14.99
Select U System Keg Tap Coupler - Lever Handle - CH5300U +$63.95
Select Perlick Lo-Boy Low Profile D System Keg Tap Coupler w/ Pressure Relief - 40030 +$53.95

OPTIONAL CLEANING KIT (Important To Clean Lines after each Keg)
Optional CLEANING KIT! Add Economy Beer Line Cleaning Kit +$21.95
Add Beer Cleaning Kit - 1 Qt. Bottle w/ 33 oz. Cleaner +$54.99
Kegco Deluxe Hand Pump Pressurized Keg Beer Kegerator Cleaning Kit w/ 32 oz. Cleaner +$49.99
Add Complete D System Pressurized Cleaning Kit +$102.95

Add Residential Kegerator Cover
Kegco TX-2637 Residential Kegerator Cover +$49.99

OPTIONAL TAP HANDLE (Standard Faucet Knob is Included)
Chalkboard Beer Tap Handle +$38.95
White Board Dry Erase Beer Tap Handle +$39.95
T180-7 - Twist - 7" BOD (Branding On Demand) Tap Handle +$42.95
C150-6 - 6" BOD (Branding On Demand) Tap Handle +$15.95

Add Optional FAUCET LOCK Add Slide-on Faucet Lock +$41.99
Add Wrap Around Faucet Lock +$53.99

Brand New - Kegco 3 Gallon Strap Handle Keg +$89.99
Brand New - Kecgo 5 Gallon Strap Handle Keg +$94.99
Brand New - Kegco 5 Gallon Rubber Top Keg +$99.99
5 Gallon Ball Lock Keg - Reconditioned Beer Keg +$69.99

Add Kegco Apparel
Kegco Flexfit Mid Pro Baseball Cap 
Kegco Trucker Snap Back Hat 
Kegco Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Black 
Kegco Short Sleeve T-Shirt - White 
Kegco Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Black 
Kegco Long Sleeve T-Shirt - White 

Optional Extended Warranty
I don't want an extended warranty +$0.00
New Leaf ServicePro 1 Year Extended Warranty +$24.99
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New Leaf ServicePRO 3 Year Date of Purchase Commercial Warranty +$145.98
New Leaf ServicePRO 5 Year Date of Purchase Commercial Warranty +$281.98