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Pallet of 25 Kegco HS-K5G-DTH Kegs - 5 Gallon Commercial Keg with Threaded D System Sankey Valve

Enlarge Pallet of 25 Kegco HS-K5G-DTH Kegs - 5 Gallon Commercial Keg with Threaded D System Sankey Valve
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5 Gallon D System5 Gallon D SystemKeg StampThreaded Valve

Pallet of Kegco HS-K5G-DTH 5 Gallon Stainless Steel D System Sankey Kegs / Single Row - 25 kegs / Threaded D System valves / Durable design / 9.25" W x 23.25" H each / Pallet Dimensions: 48" L x 48" W x 30" H

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Select - Two Rows - 50 Kegs  ($86.99 per keg)Two Rows - 50 Kegs ($86.99 per keg)$5437.49$4,349.99
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These brand new Kegco HS-K5G-DTH 5 US Gallon, sixth barrel kegs are made entirely of food/beverage grade AISI 304 stainless steel. They come with a "D" System threaded Sanke valve already installed. They have fully rolled top and bottom stainless steel chimes. All seams have been TIG machine welded for smooth and consistent seams with no burn residue. All surfaces of the keg have been chemically descaled (pickled) and fully passivated to ensure a clean, sanitary and corrosive free surface. These kegs are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility and are produced to the highest standards of quality and workmanship required for a food and beverage grade storage vessel. Used by breweries all over the world, these kegs are an excellent choice for your professional brewery operation.

Please Note: Commercial kegs are intended to be used by professional breweries that have the specialized equipment to properly clean and sanitize these style kegs. These kegs are not recommended for use by home brewers who want to dispense beer using a commercial keg. There is no way to effectively clean and sanitize them without specialized equipment. We will not accept returns on these kegs purchased for home or personal use. Threaded type valves screw into the neck to install them. At the base of the valve is a lathe-cut gasket. This gasket may be different for specific threaded valve designs. A specific tool is required to remove the valve from the neck of the keg.


  • Brewery name embossed or stamped on Chime (special order, 60-90 days lead time)
  • Drop-in or threaded valves
  • Quantity Discounts are available. Please call 1-800-710-9939 for details.
Dimensions and Capacity
Height23.25" (D coupler and beer line will add 5.5")
Weight27.75 lbs. (empty)
Capacity5.17 US Gal.
Material304 Grade Stainless Steel
SystemAmerican D
RowsSingle Row - 25 Kegs
Dimensions48" L x 48" W x 30" H
Weight340 lbs

Pallet of 25 Kegco HS-K5G-DTH Kegs - 5 Gallon Commercial Keg with Threaded D System Sankey Valve Reviews

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