Single Gauge Primary Kegerator Beer Regulator

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This single gauge regulator is loaded with features! The regulator has a large hand control which makes it easy to adjust the pressure inside the keg. This is a single gauge regulator with the main gauge indicating how much Co2 pressure is inside the keg.

  • Polycarbonate bonnet will not chip, break or fade.
  • Non-adjustable "shut-down" built in to the body of regulator
  • The high pressure ports have left-hand female threads to prevent their use as a lo-pressure outlet
  • The non-removable adjusting screw is designed so that when it is turned all the way in the maximum downstream delivery pressure will not exceed 50 PSIG.
  • Internal relief valve opens whenever delivery pressure exceeds set pressure by 15 PSIG. This feature serves as a warning that the seat or diaphragm may be worn or damaged and should be replaced.
  • Sintered metal flow control filter in the inlet nipple to prevent dirt and other particles from damaging internal regulator parts.
  • Permanent Quad-Ring Seal on inlet nipple helps eliminate a source of leaks... no need to use a new fiber washer each time tank is changed.
  • Outlet features NADS 1600C shutoff which eliminates a source of gas leaks. The ball-type check valve helps prevent product back-up into the regulator, a common cause of malfunction in the regulating and relief valve parts. Hose barb end designed for use with 5/16" I.D. pressure tubing.
  • All regulators are pressure tested to assure in-field reliability.
  • Seat assembly is easily replaceable in-field... no need to remove regulator from tank.

Single Gauge Primary Kegerator Beer Regulator Reviews

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Excellent choice for small spaces
by:Glenn (07-23-2014)
Austin, TX
Comments:Compact size fits nicely when your C02 bottle has to be located inside your keg cooler. Regulator is "set and forget" accurate!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
No more leaky regulator issues!!!
by:STAN (06-04-2013)
Comments:Hook it up and pour a cold beer!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.