Enhanced Beverage Solutions Dilution Station Inline Concentrate Conversion System - 3:1 ratio

Model: DIL-STAT-3
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  • Directly connect a water source and concentrate BIB to deliver ready-to-drink beverages to your WatNitro unit.
  • Fixed dilution ratio of 3:1.
  • Uses simple quarter-inch push fit connectors for input and output ports.
  • No external power is required; dilution is driven off of water pressure.
  • Dimensions: 7.25"W x 11"D x 6.75"T

The Enhanced Beverage Solutions Dilution Station is a perfect companion to the WatNitro countertop dispenser. It accepts inputs from a bag-in-box concentrate and a water source, diluting in a fixed 3:1 ratio to deliver ready-to-drink beverages straight to the WatNitro unit. This compact unit is designed to fit atop the WatNitro to provide effortless utility without taking up more counter space. It is driven solely by water pressure, requiring no power source. For a truly seamless experience, it also has a "sold-out" feature that keeps the system primed while empty concentrate containers are being swapped out.

  • Non-adjustable dilution ratio, 3:1 dilution
  • Requires no external power source, driven by water pressure
  • System remains primed during changes to concentrate source
  • Designed to conveniently fit on top of the WatNitro unit

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