16 oz. Belgian Beer Glasses - Set of 48

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Featuring a wide, rounded bowl and narrow rim, this set of 48 Libbey 3808 Belgian Beer Glasses provides the perfect showcase for Belgian dubbels, tripels, lambics, and ales, as well as higher gravity beers like barleywines, bocks, and imperial stouts. They have been specially designed to protect the rich flavors and funnel the complex aromas to your nose for maximum appreciation. These glasses have a generous 16 oz. capacity that leaves plenty of room to maintain the perfect head, and the thick sturdy stem and chip-resistant rim and foot provide reliable durability even in demanding commercial environments like pubs, bars, and tasting rooms. The crystal-clear glass construction is lead-free and dishwasher-safe.

16 oz. Belgian Beer Glasses - Set of 48 Reviews

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