Blichmann 5 Gallon 1/6 BBL Ball Lock Beer Kegs

The Blichmann Cornical is a unique fermentation and kegging system like nothing on the market. The conical fermentation kit comes with two different products that allow you to ferment, carbonate, and serve beer from one 5.25 gallon vessel.

5.25 Gallon Cornical Keg
Blichmann 5.25 Gallon Cornical KegModel: CORNICAL-KEG


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Blichmann Engineering, LLC is a design and manufacturing firm offering only the most intuitively designed, innovative products with the highest level of quality for brewers who expect the same in their beers and wines. Since 2001, we've had a solid focus on precise engineering, premium quality, unparalleled customer service, and superior product value.


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