Enhanced Beverage Solutions The Nitro Infuser - Single Faucet

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  • Instant infusion, no more pre-charged kegs or shaking the keg
  • Precision infusion with the ability to customize and lock in ideal infusion
  • Compatible with any Standard Draft System
  • Infuses 100% Pure, Food-Grade Nitrogen instead of compressed air from a countertop system
  • No additional cleaning, system cleans and sanitizes when you flush your tap lines

Delicious nitro cold brew coffee is now just a touch away! With The Nitro Infuser, the once tedious 3-4 day process is now on-demand. The Nitro Infuser technology allows infusion to happen instantly without the need for pre-charged kegs or shaking the keg. This infuser saves significant production time and delivers consistent results. With 1/4" beverage fittings made of Brewer's grade 304 steel, this simple system doesn't require special tools and is compatible with any Standard Draft System. The infuser quickly installs between the keg and tap, giving you the fastest and easiest access to nitro infused coffee. The Nitrogen Control System (NCS) ensures precision infusion with the ability to customize and lock in ideal infusion. The multi-vortex infusion chambers are adjustable to 25+% nitrogen infusion, giving you full control over your infusion process. The nitro infuser allows you to pour still and nitro-infused beverage from the same keg! The industrial-grade design has a steel enclosure and is powder coated for durability. The internal cavity is potted for strength and security. The system requires no additional cleaning because the system cleans and sanitizes when you flush your tap lines. The multiple embedded check valves prevents back flow of gas and beverage. The Nitro Infuser is an NSF-Certified Component and all components are produced in the U.S.A.

  • On-Demand Infusion - No more pre-charging kegs, No more shaking the keg, Infusion happens instantly
  • Nitrogen Control System (NCS) - Provides precision to infusion, Allows customization of nitrogen infusion, Ability to lock ideal infusion
  • Multi-Vortex Infusion Chambers - Adjustable to 25+% nitrogen infusion
  • Infuses 100% Pure, Food-Grade Nitrogen - Opposed to compressed air from countertop system
  • Industrial-Grade Design - Steel enclosure, Powder-coated finish for durability, Internal cavity potted for strength & security
  • Compatible With Any Standard Draft System - Quickly Installs Between Keg & Tap
  • No Additional Cleaning - System cleans and sanitizes when you flush your tap lines
  • Pour Still and Nitro-Infused Beverages From The Same Keg
  • User-friendly and Adaptable to Customer Self-Serve Environments
  • NSF-Certified Component - Does not negate kegerator NSF certification
  • Draft Industry Standard Fittings - 1/4" beverage fittings, Brewer's grade 304 stainless steel
  • Standard operation 28 PSI (rated to 90 PSI)
  • Dimensions - L 8.5" x W 1" x D 2.25"
  • Multiple Embedded Check Valves - Prevents back flow of gas and beverage
  • No Internal Moving Parts - Can pass solids, Nothing to wear out
  • Made in U.S.A. - All components are produced in U.S.A., Hand-assembled in Minneapolis, MN

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How does this unit allow for still and nitro cold brew to be poured from the same keg? Is there a switch or something you have to activate to toggle between the two?
by Jimmy L. on August 08, 2020
The Nitro Infuser is used only for nitro cold brews. If you were pouring a flat cold brew, you would not want it going through the Nitro Infuser as the nitrogen is on used to push the coffee out of the keg.
by Jake on August 18, 2020
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