HK-46 the next big thing hk46 mini kegerators engineered by Kegco nitro cold brew coffee carbonated water beer

Kegco 17" Wide Ready to Drink Coffee Dispenser

Model: HK-46-BIB
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  • The Kegco HK-46-BIB Bag-In-A-Box Cold Brew Coffee Mini Kegerator is specifically designed to dispense Bag-In-A-Box Cold Brew Coffee
  • Sleek and compact design allows it to sit perfectly on a counter top or or in small spaces
  • Unique motor creates nitro dispense without the need for a nitrogen tank, adding body and richness to this gourmet coffee
  • Food-grade and high-quality, the dispense equipment included premium parts backed by years of industry experience and exceptional customer service.
  • Dimensions: 20.3" H x 16.9" W x 19.5" D

The Kegco HK-46-BIB Bag-In-A-Box Cold Brew Coffee Mini Kegerator is specifically designed to dispense Bag-In-A-Box Cold Brew Coffee. With a unique motor that creates a nitro dispense without the need for a nitrogen tank, it adds body and richness to your coffee.

The sleek and compact design allows it to sit perfectly on a counter top or or in small spaces. This exclusive model to the Kegco range is a commercial-grade unit and is designed for use in offices, homes, coffee shops, and restaurants. Fully equipped with high-quality commercially-rated parts, this counter top kegerator optimally dispenses Bag-In-A-Box Cold Brew Coffee. Food-grade and high-quality, the dispense equipment included premium parts backed by years of industry experience and exceptional customer service. Portable and easy to maintain this mini cold brew kegerator delivers consistently great tasting nitro cold brew every pour.

Designed for Bag-In-A-Box Cold Brew Coffee

Specifically designed to serve Bag-In-A-Box Cold Brew Coffee. Easier to install than a keg, this cold brew dispense system is an essential from offices to restaurants.

Sleek & Compact

The sleek and compact design allows this kegerator to sit on a counter top without taking up space and can be easily moved as needed. This small counter top kegerator is an exclusive Kegco design and allows coffee shops, offices, bars, and restaurants to easily incorporate a kegerator despite space limitations. Easily plugs into a standard electrical outlet and low-profile design allow it to seamlessly integrate into most spaces.

Compatible with Bag-In-A-Box Cold Brew Coffee

This javarator is easy to assemble and doesn't require a CO2 or nitrogen tank to dispense the coffee. The liquid line connection easily attaches to the the Bag-In-A-Box, allowing you to immediately dispense creamy and rich cold brew coffee.

Versatile Design

With a field reversible door design, customize your dispense system to suit your needs. The parts can be easily changed out and upgraded as needed, allowing you to fully customize your cold brew serving experience.

Commercial-Grade Kegerator

Designed for commercial use, this kegerator contains a powerful compressor cooling system and high-quality commercial-grade parts to ensure consistently perfect pours. The stainless steel faucet ensures flavors are consistent and will be unaffected be the dispensing process. LED temperature control display allows you to easily adjust and control the internal temperature of your kegerator.

Powerful Motor

Powerful motor ensures even and exceptional pours every time without the need for a nitrogen tank. This unique motor maintains the delightfully creamy and rich texture of the coffee. This pouring mechanism preserves the quality and taste of the cold brew coffee until the last drop.

  • Operating Temperature: 32 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature: less than 90 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Minimum Ambient Temperature: The lowest temperature you want to store your kegs at. The unit does not have a heater, so if the ambient temperature is lower than the set temperature, the internal temperature will match the external temperature.
  • Black finish cabinet
  • Stainless steel nitro faucet allows cold brew coffee to create a creamy and foamy head
  • Magnetic gasket provides positive door sealing
  • Refrigeration system utilizes ozone friendly 600a refrigerant
UPC: 810069434278
Unit Weight34 lbs.
Labor1 Year
Parts1 Year
Compressor (Parts Only)5 Years
Drip TrayYes
Guard RailNo
Key Features
Built-in CapableNo
Keg CouplerNo
Security LockNo
CO2 TankNo
Cleaning KitNo
Outdoor UseNo
Commercial UseYes

Labor - 12 Months


For one year from the date of purchase by the original owner, Kegco will, at its option, repair or replace any part of the unit, which proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use. During this period Kegco will provide all parts and labor necessary to correct such defects free of charge, so long as the unit has been installed and operated in accordance with the written instructions in this manual. Kegco will provide you with a reasonably similar replacement product that is either new or factory refurbished. In rental or commercial use, the warranty period is 90 days. All Kegco Appliances of 3.5 cubic feet capacity or less must be brought/sent to the appliance service shop for repair.

Parts - 60 Months


For the second through the fifth year from date of original purchase, Kegco Products will provide a replacement compressor free of charge due to a failure. You are responsible for the service labor and freight charges. In rental or commercial use, the limited compressor warranty is one year and nine months. Cost to move the appliance to the servicers’ shop and back to the user's home, as may be required, are the user's responsibility.

Additional Details

  • Content losses of food or other, due to spoilage.
  • Incidental or consequential damages.
  • Parts and labor costs for the following will not be considered as warranty:
    • Door springs, and/or frames.
    • Inner door panels, door rails and/or door supports.
    • Light bulbs and/or plastic housing.
    • Plastic cabinet liners.
    • Punctured evaporator that voids the warranty on the complete sealed system.
    • Repairs performed by unauthorized servicers.
    • Shipping and handling costs associated with the replacement of the unit.
    • Service calls that do not involve defects in material or workmanship such as customer education, door reversal, or proper installation.
    • Surcharges including, but not limited to, any after hour, weekend, or holiday service calls, tolls, ferry trip charges, or mileage expense for service call to remote areas, including the State of Alaska.
    • Service calls that are related to external problems, such as abuse, misuse, inadequate electrical power, accidents, fire, floods, or acts of God.
    • Replacement of house fuses or resetting circuit breakers.
  • Failure of the product if it is used for other than its intended purpose.
  • This warranty does not apply outside the Continental USA.

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How does this pump work to simulate nitrogen infusion without using compressed nitrogen?
by J on June 28, 2024
It doesn’t, it’s pulling product from a Bib or keg w/o using nitrogen, so saves on gas cost. If you are looking to simulate a nitro pour, a creamer faucet and a pump would work great.
by Modesto on July 02, 2024
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