Cool Brewing Keg Jackets & Buckets

Cool Brewing Keg Coolers are the first and only coolers made exclusively for easy storing, transport and serving of your kegs. With an eye catching design and no need for a bucket set up, these Cool Brewing Keg Coolers make it easy to share - just hook up a picnic tap and take your keg anywhere!

CoolBrewCorny 2.5 Gallon Mini Keg Cooler
Cool Brewing CoolBrewCorny 2.5 Gallon Mini Keg CoolerModel: 2.5G-COOL


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CoolBrewCorny 5 Gallon Keg Cooler
Cool Brewing CoolBrewCorny 5 Gallon Keg CoolerModel: 5G-COOL


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Cool Brewing started when founder and home brewer, David Vogel, found that he was wasting batches due to the warm summer temperature in his home. Cool-brewing fermentation was based on the concept of having to cool the fermenter in a plastic tote and water but made from high quality, waterproof, insulated materials.


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