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Flojet Beer Pump

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Air or CO2 operated. Control flow rate while maintaining brewer recommended applied pressure on the keg or serving vessel. This beer pump increase the pressure in the product dispense line, which ensures that the inherent gas in the solution (beer) cannot break out. The air or gas used to power this pump never comes in contact with the beer, thus providing protection from flat or tainted beer due to impure air contamination or oxidation.

The pressure to the keg in a pump system should always be only the pressure and type of gas the brewer recommends to maintain the carbonation level in the keg. The operating pressure to the pump is used to control the flow rate. Due to the pumps powerful hydraulic push against the beer, the system must be considerably over restricted.


  • Pump must be located within 10 feet above the keg
  • Pump ports must be facing down to maximize pump performance
  • Mounting grommets are part of pump assembly, and add stability
  • Fasten pump securely to wall or rack
  • If using a FOB, mount it slightly above and directly after the discharge of the pump
  • CAUTION: If a FOB is not used, the pump will continue to cycle after the keg has emptied

Hose Connections:

  • All fittings are quick change
  • Be sure the brass CO2 fitting is installed all the way and the retainer clip is engaged
  • Use brewery approved tubing between the pump and the faucet. Allow at least two feet extra tubing to the CO2 inlet and the beer inlets/outlets to provide a service loop
  • Secure with the appropriate clamp
  • It is advisable to secure all hoses to prevent excessive movement
  • If pump is installed in an enclosed area such as a closet, basement or walk-in cooler, connection of a hose to the gas discharge fitting must be done to vent CO2 to the atmosphere safely. The muffler on the CO2 exhaust can be removed with pliers

Operation Start - Up:
To start pump operation, set pressure to 15 PSI and adjust up until desired flow rate is obtained. Once primed, pump will operate automatically by starting and stopping on demand, as the faucet is opened and closed. Beer flow can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing gas pressure to the pump.


  • If used with CO2 or nitrogen, be sure the area is well ventilated.
  • Only use pump with specified products.
  • Do not pump flammable liquids or use where flammable vapors are present.

  • Pump Design - Positive Displacement, Double Diaphragm
  • Power Source - CO2 Gas, Nitrogen, Compressed Filtered Air
  • Temperature Limits - 30°-120°F (1.1°-49°C)
  • Weight - 1.24 lbs
  • Dimensions - 5.27"H x 3.21"W x 4.58"D
  • Gas Inlet Port - 1/4" Brass Barb
  • Product Inlet & Outlet Ports - 3/8" Plastic Barb
  • Self Priming - Up to 10 feet
  • Operating Pressure - 10psi minimum - 90psi maximum
  • Liquid Inlet Pressure - 30psi maximum
  • Flow Rate - 5 GPM
  • Noise Level - 80 dB maximum
  • Approval - NSF
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