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Shurflo Beer Pump

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Micromatic MP-090 Shurflo Beer Pump has been designed to accept pressurized beer and lagers, directly from the keg. It operates on either a supply of CO2, mixed gas, or from a clean dry source of compressed air. The pump will hold a pressure up to 85 psi (5.8 bar), enabling greater dispense distances and lifts to be achieved, while not affecting the carbonation levels of the product as intended by the brewer.

It is designed as a gas driven demand pump that supplies one to three taps up to 150 metres (500 feet) from a keg with a flow rate of 3.8 - 11.4 l/min. Actual flow rates will be determined by the length of run, line size, vertical lift, keg top pressure and the number of taps being used. This pump will operate automatically when a tap is opened.

The pressure to the keg in a pump system should always be only the pressure and type of gas the brewer recommends to maintain the carbonation level in the keg. The operating pressure to the pump is used to control the flow rate. Due to the pumps powerful hydraulic push against the beer, the system must be considerably over restricted.


  • The outlet port of the pump is to be mounted vertical
  • A minimal length of tubing between the FOB and the pump is recommended, as degassing within the inlet may be evident during shut-off. Most beers will allow re-suspension of carbonation when under higher outlet pressure. Inlet tubing should not exceed 10 feet
  • Use brewery approved tubing from beer pump to the faucet. Cut outlet and CO2 tubing at least two (2) feet longer than necessary to provide a service loop
  • Use new pressure tubing to the pump CO2 inlet. The gas used to drive the pump must be clean and contain no contaminants (water, rust, oil, etc.). Air compressors may be used with proper particle filters and moisture separators. Air storage tanks should be drained weekly

Operation Start-Up:

  • Connect the coupler to the keg
  • Adjust the regulator supplying the beer pump to 20 psi allowing the pump to stroke slowly
  • Allow beer to flow from the faucet until all the air trapped within the tubing has been purged
  • Once the air has been purged, adjust the beer pump regulator to the pressure necessary to achieve the desired flow at the faucet. Minimum pressure is 25 psi with a maximum of 85 psi


  • If used with CO2 or nitrogen, be sure the area is well ventilated.
  • Only use pump with specified products.
  • Do not pump flammable liquids or use where flammable vapors are present.

  • Design - Twin Chamber Double Diaphragm
  • Materials - Polypropylene, EDPM, Santoprene, 300 Stainless Steel
  • Power Source - CO2, Nitrogen, Compressed Filtered Air
  • Operating Pressure - 25 psi minimum - 85 psi maximum
  • Temperature Limits - 30°-120°F
  • Gas Inlet Port - 1/4" Plastic Barb
  • Product Inlet & Outlet Ports - 3/8" Plastic Barb
  • Weight - 1 lbs
  • Approvals - FDA sanctioned, NSF Listed

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