Kegco 1 Quart Replacement Cleaning Bottle w/ HP-300 Hand Pump

Model: 1QCB
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  • One quart shatter proof plastic bottle
  • Bottle features HP-300 low profile hand pump
  • Includes solid brass faucet cleaning attachment
  • Allows you to quickly and easily clean your direct draw keg dispense systems
  • Keeps your beer lines clean and your beer tasting brewery fresh!

1 quart replacement bottle with hand pump

  • 1 qt. shatter proof plastic bottle
  • HP-300 pump
  • Faucet cleaning attachment
  • Ideal for cleaning of home keg refrigerators
  • 1 Quart shatter proof plastic cleaning bottle with a Low profile hand pump and a Solid brass faucet cleaning attachment.

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Your keginator tap cleaning systems...what does the nozzle connect TO? My beer line does not readily disconnect from the tap head.
by Moon on November 21, 2019
This cleaning kit will connect to the tower shank, not the beer line. You will first remove the faucet from the tower, and then connect this pump to the shank. You'll need to soak the faucet to clean it separately.
by Nick on December 27, 2019
Staff Answer
With my recent Kegco kegerator I received the 1QCB tap cleaner. I understand this connects to the shank and pumps cleaner down the beer supply line. If I have a pin lock keg with barbed disconnect. Does this fitting have to be removed from the beer line each time I clean?
by Newbie Brewer on April 18, 2020
The pin lock coupler has a small piece inside and when pushed up, liquid will flow through.
by Nick on September 09, 2020
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