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Five Star PBW Powdered Brewery Wash - 50 lbs

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Five Star PBW Powdered Brewery Wash is a buffered alkaline cleaner that is a safer and greener choice for cleaning all of your home brew equipment. Because of its unique formulation, it is safe on skin, and will not harm stainless steel or soft metals and plastics. It uses active oxygen to penetrate carbon or protein soils and is not effected by hard water. PBW is an excellent choice as a soak cleaner because - unlike most caustic based cleaners - it does not require excessive heat.

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Five Star PBW Powdered Brewery Wash - 50 lbs Reviews

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Great for home brew
by:Mark (04-25-2016)
San Diego, CA
Comments:This stuff is awesome. I use it to clean glass carboys - fill with hot water, add a capful of pbw, and the next day it's crystal clear clean - no scrubbing needed!

It's also terrific for cleaning bottles & removing labels.

I use it to clean my kegs and flush the beer lines in my kegerator, although I rinse these both quickly since the tubes and stainless would probably get destroyed over time by pbw.

Highly recommended as a one stop shop for home brew cleaning!
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.

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