National Chemicals PENETRATE Advanced Keg Beer Line Cleaner for Kegerator 32 oz Bottle

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  • Caustic cleaner for ideal for remote refrigerated systems with case-hardened lines
  • Penetrate is the strongest single alkaline beer line cleaner
  • Uses a higher concentration of potassium hydroxide, which is less corrosive
  • Provides extra cleaning power for glycol-cooled and longer-run systems
  • Works with all electrical, mechanical, and hand driven cleaning units

Penetrate is our strongest single alkaline beer line cleaner. We use a higher concentration of potassium hydroxide in order to provide extra cleaning power for glycol-cooled and longer-run systems. We use a surfactant package in Penetrate designed for better penetration into line soils and microfissures at lower temperatures. Highly concentrated, 1 oz of Penetrate per gallon water for brewery approved cleaner.

Penetrate is a liquid product that does not cake or harden and it mixes instantly. This nitrate free formulation is also low in phosphates and 100% biodegradable. Penetrate works with all electrical, mechanical and hand driven cleaning units.

The primary active ingredient in Penetrate is potassium hydroxide, an alkaline compound with easy rinsing qualities that is less corrosive to metal parts and fittings. We blend potassium hydroxide with a proprietary blend of surfactants and chelating agents to help the caustic loosen and suspend soil. Penetrate also works with your budget! At 1 oz. per gallon of water, a 32 oz. container makes 32 gallons of powerful, quality cleaner.

Penetrate is a highly-effective cleaner and one of our strongest brands. Penetrate is ideal for very long draw, cooled and neglected or older systems.

While we believe that Penetrate is one of the best cleaners you can purchase, we don't suggest using it exclusively. We suggest rotating alkaline products every three to five months in order to prevent build-up of redeposited solids not targeted by the surfacting chemicals.

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What chemical would you suggest alternating penetrate with?
by Beer Guy on March 28, 2019
I suggest you alternate with an acid based cleaner.
by Dave on March 28, 2019
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