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18 Liter Keg Beer Cleaning Can with Single Valve Port

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Cleaning your draft beer system is easier than every thanks to this 18 Liter Cleaning Can from Kegco, which allows you to tap a bottle of cleaning solution like a normal keg. The solution runs through your beer lines to remove contaminants and "beer stone", keeping your beer tasting brewery fresh. You can choose from five system valves ("D", "S", "U", "G", and "M") to pick the one that best fits your draft dispense setup.

The cleaning can was made in Italy and has a permanently molded rubber bottom skirt and durable stainless steel strap handle. The stainless steel lid fastens tightly to the lid and features a pull ring style pressure release valve that lets you easily depressurize the keg. Working pressure must not exceed 130 P.S.I.G.

To use, simply fill the cleaning can with line cleaner solution, detach the keg coupler from your keg, and attach it to the cleaning can. Place a bucket or drain underneath the faucet to catch the cleaning solution, and pull forward on your faucet handle to begin circulating the solution through the keg coupler and beer lines, out of your faucet, and out into the bucket or drain. Finish by repeating the process with clean water to rinse the system, and you are ready to enjoy fresh-tasting draft beer once again!

It is recommended that you use beer line cleaner to clean your draft beer system at least once a month, or every other keg. We suggest that you use an acid line cleaner every four or five cleanings to remove mineral deposits, which will allow you to prolong the life and quality of your draft beer system.

18 Liter Keg Beer Cleaning Can with Single Valve Port Reviews

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does this work on the home brew quick connect systems?
by SigFin on January 25, 2020
This can is only for the D system connections. The ABC50-9 has the d valve and ball lock connections
by Erika on February 03, 2020
Staff Answer
Can this be used to clean out Sankey d system kegs as well?
by George on June 11, 2020
This unit is set up with the sankey cleaning valve, you can opt for other valves if needed
by Erika on August 17, 2020
Staff Answer
Does the D system valve come pre-installed if I choose that upgrade or do I have to install myself? Is the keg ready for use outside the box?
by German on August 24, 2020
Yes it does, our warehouse will install which ever valve you choose when you purchase this cleaning can.
by Nick on August 25, 2020
Staff Answer


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Beer Line Cleaner for Kegerators - 32 oz Bottle +$14.00
PENETRATE Advanced Keg Beer Line Cleaner for Kegerator 32 oz Bottle +$14.00