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EKS Smart Keg Coupler D System

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The Perlick 36000F EKS American D System Keg Coupler is a unique, patented tapping device designed to meet the needs of beer wholesalers, bartenders, and home beer enthusiasts. Perlick continues to set high standards in the industry by producing a coupler with a specially designed keg sensor that eliminates the line loss that normally follows every empty keg.

"The Perlick EKS coupler is the only keg coupler on the market today with an integral empty keg shut-off device to help eliminate foaming, wasted beer, and dissatisfied customers," says Joe Restivo, Sales Manager - Beer Dispensing Products. "With the ever growing economic hardships that business owners are facing every day, Perlick is proud to offer their customers a device that will save time and profits."

The heart of the EKS coupler is an integral empty keg sensor that knows the difference between gas and beer. When the keg goes empty, the empty keg sensor recognizes the change and immediately closes, preventing the line from filling with gas. By preventing the flow of gas, excessive foaming does not occur saving beer and money. Fresh kegs can be drawn off immediately and the beer lines are always full. The EKS coupler is also a time saver and crowd pleaser. Bartenders no longer have to pour off glass after glass of foam when a fresh keg is tapped, allowing them to serve customers more efficiently.

The EKS coupler was designed with simplicity in mind. It taps and untaps like a standard coupler. A reset lever activates the sensor in the next keg. The EKS coupler can stay connected in the system during cleaning allowing full flow of the cleaning liquid in both directions.

Please Note: This product is only necessary for long run commercial beer line installations. The average home user will not realize any value from using this product and therefore we do not recommend it for such use.

Warning WARNING: This product has Brass components. Brass alloys are known to contain trace amounts of Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

EKS Smart Keg Coupler D System Reviews

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Stopped by Wild Beer
by:Garmat55 (02-21-2015)
Orland Park, Il
Comments:I was getting wild beer often and every new keg was a challenge. This was the right fix. Easy to install and A raise a glass to all.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
by:TinksMeOfF (05-28-2011)
Westminster CO
Bought two of these from Beverage Factory for two home kegerators I bought here as well. Smooth beer from tap. I get foam on my Miller Lite kegs at 10psi in Denver CO area (mile high) on first 4 to 6 ounces ever time. However, I pour my beer in a 64 ounce pitcher first and mix it half/half with Miller 64. Ya, I'm a light weight. After the first 4 to 6 ounces, no foam whatsoever. The beer quality is top notch taste.

Occasionally, I need to hit the on/off switch for five seconds to engage the flow again. But after using this for over a year now, I don't have to do that nearly as often.

It is durable, leak proof and taste better than installed version coming with a pre-installed Kegerators I've purchased from this site.

The on/off switch does not work for cleaning as described in the manual so clean it like a standard Coupler.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.

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