Wrap-Around Keg Beer Faucet Lock

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The faucet lock is very helpful if you have teenagers or roommates that you are concerned about underage access to your draft beer setup. These faucet locks are also very popular with bars and hotels who want to limit shrinkage. This faucet lock slides into place and is easily locked with a key. This lock makes it so that you cannot pull forward on the tap handle to initiate a pour.

Faucet Lock Features:

  • Body is a heavy duty steel construction
  • Locks keyed the same to eliminate the need for multiple different keys
  • Application Fits Standard Beer and Wine Faucets
  • Lock Type Wrap Around
  • Material Steel
  • Note: Lock will fit standard beer and wine faucets. Will not fit specialty faucets such as TurboTap®, stout type faucets, European style faucets and the Perlick 630SS (it WILL work with older Perlick faucets like the 525SS and 575SS).
  • Note: Do not over tighten. Only a snug fit is required. (Over tightening can cause the lock to bind and to become jammed)

Wrap-Around Keg Beer Faucet Lock Reviews

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The Best Thing Every
by:Scotty (03-18-2016)
New Jersey
Comments:My Beer was gone so FAST Not Now the best thing every
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
is there 2 locks ? it shows one and says lock then in discripsion says locks keyed the same??
by keith on November 03, 2019
One lock and a set of 2 keys are included in this.
Let me know if I can help you with an order.
Ben, 858-218-2339
by Ben on November 04, 2019
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