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PERL Keg Beer Faucet - Polished Chrome

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Unique in both appearance and function, Perlick's 630PC Forward Sealing Faucet features a revolutionary ball and floating front seal design that prevents beer from being exposed to air. As a result, the handle lever does not stick and there is no build up of mold and bacteria in the faucet body. There are also fewer internal parts, which results in better reliability and fewer service calls. The 630PC features a low-lead polished chrome-plated brass construction for economical beer dispensing.

Warning WARNING: This product has Brass components. Brass alloys are known to contain trace amounts of Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to
  • All Perl faucets include a stainless steel lever for strength and sanitation.
  • Forward seat design to prevent lever from sticking
  • More sanitary than rear seating faucets
  • 1"W x 4"H x 2 3/4"D
Faucet Replacement Parts
167829-167829-167829-167829-1Handle Jacket, Chrome
67829-1TF67829-1TFN/AN/AHandle Jacket, Tarnish Free
267820-167820-167820-167820-1Compression Bonnet, Chrome
67820-1TF67820-1TFN/AN/ACompression Bonnet, Tarnish Free
367828-167828-167828-167828-1O-Ring, Compression
467819-267819-267819-267819-2Bearing Cup
5A68726-1N/A68626-1N/AHandle Lever
5BN/A68810N/A68810Handle Lever, Push Back Creamer
667830-167830-167830-167830-1O-Ring, Pivot Ball
767933-167933-167933-167933-1O-Ring, Front Seat
8308-3-2P308-3-2P308-3-2P308-3-2PCoupling Gasket
9N/AN/A68206-168206-1Flow Control: Compensator
10N/AN/A67989SK67989SKFlow Control: Seal Kit
11N/AN/A67989LK67989LKFlow Control: Lever & Seal Kit

Follow these instructions if you need to take the faucet apart to replace worn parts.

Note: Anytime the Front Seat (I), O-ring (H) or Coupling Gasket(s) are removed, they should be replaced. Always use OEM replacement parts.


  1. If faucet is USED, soak faucet in warm cleaning solution for 1-2 minutes to free up bonnet and handle jacket. If the faucet is NEW, submerge the faucet in warm water for 5 seconds.
  2. Unscrew and remove Jacket (1).
  3. Unscrew and remove Compression Bonnet (2).
  4. Remove Coupling Gasket (8) only if cut or worn.
  5. To remove the Handle Lever Assembly (5A or 5B), lift it upward and push back.
  6. To remove Front Seat (7) use a small screwdriver from the bonnet end of the faucet.
  7. To remove O-ring (6) use a small screwdriver from the bonnet end of the faucet.
  8. Inspect O-rings for wear or damage and replace as necessary.
  9. To remove flow control lever, unscrew cap and pull out.
  10. Remove flow control compensator from rear of faucet.


  1. Re-install O-ring (6) into O-ring groove from bonnet end (use a small blunt screwdriver).
  2. Re-install front Seat (7) into O-ring groove (use a small blunt screwdriver). Note: Seat must move freely in seat groove.
  3. Re-install Handle Lever Assembly (5A or 5B).
  4. Re-install Bearing Cup (4).
  5. Re-install Bonnet Washer (3) into Compression Bonnet (2).
  6. Re-install Compression Bonnet (2). Tighten by hand only. Do not use any tool, as this can damage the faucet.
  7. Re-install Handle Jacket (1).
  8. Re-install Coupling Gasket (8) if removed.
  9. Install flow control compensator into rear of faucet and orientate so level engagement hole is facing lever insertion hole.
  10. Install flow control lever, ensure pin on end of lever is aligned with compensator engagement hole and tighten cap.
UPC: 847808038046
BodyPolished Chrome
LeverStainless Steel
Bonnet & CollarPolished Chrome
Body1-1/8"-18 Thread (US Beer Industry Standard)
Lever3/8"-16 UNC (Unified Coarse Thread)

PERL Keg Beer Faucet - Polished Chrome Reviews

Average Customer Rating:
(based on 49 reviews) 
Top quality
by:Tony (04-18-2020)
Jacksonville Beach, Fl
Comments:This product is so much bette4 then the standard tap that comes with the keg.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
solved my beer pouring problems
by:David (10-25-2019)
Cleveland Oh
Comments:My original equipment faucet leaked, this one doesen't.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Great Product
by:Bobby (07-05-2019)
Jacksonville, FL
Comments:This beer faucet works as advertised and does not stick. It has fewer parts than my previous faucet and is very easy to clean. I would recommend this faucet as a replacement if your current faucet is sticking.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Best beer faucet?
by:Joh (01-29-2019)
Philadelphia, PA
Comments:I really appreciate this style of faucet. The pour and action are smooth as silk. I haven't torn it down to clean yet, but from what I can tell the assembly is simple enough that it should be pretty easy to clean
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Best for home kegerator
by:Mike (09-09-2018)
Comments:I had the Kegco faucets on a dual tap kegerator and they kept getting stuck when the sugar in the beer gets in the faucet. Finally I broke one of the faucet handles and had to get the perlich version. Works perfectly and no sticking.
Bottom Line:I would recommend this product.
Where are these manufactured?
by hoobie on October 06, 2019
Perlick products are manufactured in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
by Ben on October 10, 2019
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