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Stainless Contact Guinness® Dispensing Stout Beer Faucet

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To properly pour Guinness® and achieve the famous and unique head on the beer requires a specialty European Stout Beer Faucet. The faucet operates by pulling forward and down on the tap handle. In addition, this economy stout faucet features a restricted spout that contains a tiny disc. The restrictor disc helps slow down the pour and allows the beer to pour properly. If you need to pour regular beer with this faucet, just remove the restrictor disc.

The faucet features 100% Stainless Steel beer contact for the utmost in sanitation and durability, with beautiful chrome accents.

BodyStainless Steel Contact
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Stainless Contact Guinness® Dispensing Stout Beer Faucet Reviews

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I want to put a Guinness tap handle on this faucet. The slot on the handle is approximately 3/16 “ in width. After removing the retaining screw to remove the screw on tap handle screw there is a shank that I need to insert into the slot. My question is what is the width of the shank
by Caoimhin on October 26, 2018
Hello Caoimhin,

So the threads at the top of this Guinness measure approximately 1/2', if this handle is a European Guinness tap handle these faucets are not made to be fitted for those tap handles. Hope this helps and thank you for your question.

Thank you,
by Hector on October 29, 2018
Staff Answer
Do you sell a faucet lock that would fit this faucet?
by Shelley on February 12, 2019
We currently do not sell a lock that will fit this faucet.
by Jake on February 13, 2019
Staff Answer
Does this faucet allow for two-part pouring (pull forward for initial pour then push back for the foam)?
by Deborah on June 06, 2019
This particular model does not do that 2 part type of pouring.
by Dave on June 07, 2019
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