Kegco Infinity Series Stainless Steel Standard Beer Faucet

Model: YH-FS2N
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  • Premium heavy-duty stainless steel construction makes it perfect for bars and other heavy use environments
  • Resists corrosion, is less susceptible to wear and tear, and does not affect your beverage's taste or aroma
  • Features a stylish curved design and an attractive polished stainless finish that elevate the look of your kegerator
  • This versatile standard beer faucet can be used to dispense a wide variety of beer styles, as well as wine, coffee, sparkling water, and kombucha
  • Designed for easy installation, this faucet can be used on a draft tower or with a faucet shank

New Kegco Infinity Series

This Infinity Series Standard Beer Faucet boasts an elegant curved design and stainless steel finish that elevate the look of any kegerator.

The stainless steel construction resists corrosion, is less susceptible to wear and tear, and will not affect your beverage's taste or aroma.

Versatile Design

Standard 1-1/8" threading on the body and 3/8" threading on the lever handle make this easy-to-install faucet compatible with most draft towers, shanks, and tap handles.

The sanitary stainless steel faucet will not impart unwanted flavors, making it ideal for dispensing beer, wine, cold brew coffee, soda, sparkling water, and kombucha.

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my faucets came unassembled (Order 1470531) is there a manual/diagram to assist me in assembling, 2) where do I find replacement washers when I need them later on?
by Mark on June 23, 2022
Please call our Sales line at 1-800-710-9939 Option 1.
by Jake on July 06, 2022
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