Perlick 630SS Stainless Beer Faucet and Chrome Shank Combo Kit

Model: SHANK4-630SS
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  • Includes revolutionary Perlick PERL Forward Sealing Stainless Steel Faucet and Stainless Steel Shank
  • Forward sealing design seals the faucet near the spout end so less faucet area is exposed
  • Faucet has fewer internal parts for better reliability
  • 4-1/8" long beer shank attaches beer line to the faucet
  • Features a black plastic flange on front and compression ring on back

Perlick Perl Forward Sealing Stainless Steel Faucet features a sealing design that seals the faucet near the spout end of the faucet, not at the rear like most other designs. This means there is less faucet area exposed to keep clean, and that area is easier to clean.

Conventional wisdom has no place at Perlick. That's because Perlick's drive for innovation is legendary, leaving convention for the other guys to play with. Now, wisdom in general... well, that's another story. The new Perl Stainless Faucet from Perlick is a classic example. Its revolutionary Perl ball and floating O-ring design eliminates the need for a valve shaft. Beer gets no exposure to air; there's literally no space for mold and bacteria to grow. The Perl Faucet has fewer internal parts for better reliability.

This brass plated shank is 4-1/8" long measured from the end of the threading to the end where the faucet attaches. A shank is used to attach a beer line to a faucet. The shank is mounted through a 1" hole in a wall, refrigerator door, cabinet, etc. The shank comes with a black flange on the front and a compression ring on the back. The compression ring is used to secure the shank to the mounting surface. All shanks come fitted with a tail piece for beer line connection.

Warning WARNING: This product has Brass components. Brass alloys are known to contain trace amounts of Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to
  • 4-1/8" Length (Measured from the end of the threading to the end where the faucet attaches)
  • 3/16" ID Beer Line Connection
  • Forged Brass Lock Nut
  • Black Plastic Flange
  • Faucet Coupling and Sleeve
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I am a believer now

My tap works awesome. No more freaking drips. For a kegerator the main stem is too long but I used the kegerator stem and up and running.


great bang for the buck

Getting all of the components as a set eliminates the guess work of assuring the parts fit together. This new 630SS Perlick model claims to better control drips but, I never found that to be a problem on the four older Perlick faucets I have. The single piece shank with nipple eliminates one potential leak point. The only issue I had was the threads on the shank were destroyed during manufacturing but, Beverage Factory rushed a replacement out the day I called. The install from drilling the hole to pouring the first bier took between 10 and 15 minutes!


Very good price on a great product!

Needed to add two more taps to my kegorator and this "all in one" product made it easy and cost effective.


Nice Faucet

Used four of these to build a keg fridge from an upright fridge/freezer. They work perfectly and seem to be of the highest quality. I have another Perlick faucet on a mini fridge and have been very pleased with it.


Works great

Easy to install (with a faucet wrench) works great! No comments.

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