6-1/8" Stainless Steel Nipple Shank - 3/16" I.D. Bore

Model: HU-SSS6N
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  • Measures 6-1/8" long from end of threading to end where faucet attaches with tail piece for beer line connection
  • Can be mounted through a 1" hole in wall, refrigerator door, or cabinet
  • Comes with black flange on front and compression ring on back
  • Compression ring secures shank to the mounting surface
  • All stainless steel contact construction makes it ideal for beer, wine, and cider

This stainless steel shank is 6-1/8" long measured from the end of the threading to the end where the faucet attaches. A shank is used to attach a beer line to a faucet. The stainless steel shank is mounted through a 1" hole in a wall, refrigerator door, cabinet, etc. The shank comes with a black flange on the front and a compression ring on the back. The compression ring is used to secure the shank to the mounting surface. All shanks come fitted with a tail piece for beer line connection. Faucet is not included. Larger and smaller sizes are available.

Stainless Steel has a strongly bonded oxide layer, so it is less susceptible to attack by acids, making it ideal for wine and cider dispensing in addition to beer. NSF approved.

  • 6-1/8" Length (Measured from the end of the threading to the end where the faucet attaches)
  • 3/16" ID Beer Line Connection
  • Forged Brass Lock Nut
  • Black Plastic Flange
  • Faucet Coupling and Sleeve
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