Kegco 4-1/8" Stainless Steel Nipple Shank - 3/16" I.D. Bore

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  • Measures 3-1/2" long from end of threading to end where faucet attaches with a tail piece for beer line connection
  • Mounted through a 1" hole in a wall, refrigerator door, or cabinet
  • Features black flange on front and compression ring on back
  • Stainless steel shank features a 3/16" hose nipple to attach to a standard beer line
  • All stainless steel contact construction makes it ideal for beer, wine, and cider

This stainless steel Kegco shank is 3 1/2" long measured from the end of the threading to the end where the faucet attaches. Stainless Steel has a strongly bonded oxide layer, so it is less susceptible to attack by acids, making it ideal for wine and cider dispensing in addition to beer. A shank is used to attach a beer line to a faucet. The shank is mounted through a 1" hole in a wall, refrigerator door, cabinet, etc. The stainless steel shank comes with a black flange on the front and a compression ring on the back. The compression ring is used to secure the shank to the mounting surface. All shanks come fitted with a tail piece for beer line connection. The shank has a 3/16" hose nipple to attach a standard beer line. Faucet is not included. Larger and smaller sizes are available. NSF approved.

  • 3 1/2" Length (Measured from the end of the threading to the end where the faucet attaches)
  • 3/16" ID Beer Line Connection
  • Forged Brass Lock Nut
  • Black Plastic Flange
  • Faucet Coupling and Sleeve
UPC: 639713752892


Great shank with one exception

Top quality shank, well machined. Measurements on diagram picture are correct. Minor discrepancy is the lock nut is most likely stainless steel, not brass...a good thing. Not a bad thing but something to be prepared for...the lock nut requires a 1 1/8 inch wrench to tighten. Standard wrenches sold with the faucet nut wrench on one side and the lock nut on the other are only good for the faucet nut. There are plenty of wrenches out there that will do the job, just not any of the standard wrenches sold for this purpose.


Freezer keg system.

I used this on the 2 x 6" wooden top between freezer and lid.


Awesome Shank!

I had purchased this shank on my original keg build about a year ago and loved it... Wanted to add another tap so I obviously purchased the same shank. Amazing quality and easy installation. Everything you need comes with the kit. A very nice look for a good price and it's Stainless.


Nice Shank

I love not having to deal with an extra nipple, washer, and nut. Shank came with some burs on the threads, but was clean inside. Polished end where faucet attaches looks great, but is harder to tighten by hand than my previous knurled shank. Definitely could use a faucet wrench or at the very least a jar opener, but can still be tightened by hand with some effort.




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