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Brew Belt

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This simple but effective Brew Belt is the perfect tool for homebrewers and winemakers who don't want to let a little chilly weather get in their way. It can be attached to your fermenting bucket or carboy to produce extra heat just where you need it, keeping your beer or wine at it's optimum fermenting temperature without requiring you to heat an entire room. Takes standard voltage.

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Beer carboy heater what temperature does it operate at
by Rotten Rod on January 11, 2019
It is best to use a carboy heater with a thermostat controller. That way you set the temp, and the unit will heat unit that exact temp you desire, then cut power and stop the heating process. Once the temp falls too low, the power kicks back on and it begins to send heat to the carboy to get it back to your set temp.
by Dave on January 16, 2019
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