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MicroMatic Beer Coupler Check Valve

Model: 102-530
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  • Check valve for beer coupler
  • Installs on the inside of the beer coupler on the air/gas hose nipple
  • For use with 7485E and 7486E keg couplers
Check valve for beer coupler. This check valve installs on the inside of the beer coupler on the air/gas hose nipple.


It Works!!

Without it I kept getting air leaks.

Hi, you just answered a question I had about the Model:IRGTL425 coupler and check valve, thanks for your quick response! One additional thing: the coupler is working without it, pouring Guinness fine. Is there a risk of backflow or something? I don't see a difference without the check valve, and I do have a normal regulator on the tank.
by jim on November 12, 2018
Hello Jim,

You will be losing a lot of Nitro without the check valve so it might be dispensing ok but you will lose Nitro without one in the coupler. Thank you for your question and hope this helped.

Thank you,
by Hector on November 12, 2018
Staff Answer
Is this just one check valve?
by Tap Truck CV on April 22, 2019
The price per check valve is $4.50.
by Ben on April 22, 2019
Staff Answer
Is a beer coupler check valve needed on BOTH Domestic sankey coupler and European sankey coupler? If so can the same check valve be used in both?
by Suds on November 17, 2022
This check valve can be used in both the domestic D system and the European S system.
by Jake on November 28, 2022
Staff Answer


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