Stack! Co 5 Gallon Keg Spacer

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  • Safely stack and dispense 5 gallon kegs
  • Maximizes floor space by providing vertical storage
  • Constructed of black polypropylene plastic
  • Ideal for restaurants, bars and retail liquor stores with lots of 5 gallon kegs
  • Can be separated to use as a stacker when dispensing is not necessary

The Sixtel Keg Spacer is the first 5 gallon keg spacer that let's you stack and simultaneously tap kegs. It is ideal for a restaurant, bar or retail liquor store because it maximizes the space in your walk-in cooler, giving you more room for inventory and more floor space. The sturdy black plastic spacer allows you to safely use the vertical space above the keg for storage, while still tapping the lower keg for dispensing, or viewing the top of the lower keg for label reading in a keg sales environment. It can also be separated to use as a stacker only when accessing the top of the lower keg is not necessary.

Why have your walk-in look like this......When it can look like this?
Cluttered Walk-in Organized Walk-in
  • Sixtel Stacking Keg Spacer
  • Black Polypropylene Plastic
  • 2.5 lbs
  • Safe
  • Save space while allowing two sixth kegs be stacked and tapped vertically
  • Can be separated into a stacker only

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