Kegco 15.5 Gallon 1/2 Barrel 'Bubba' Ball Lock Keg & Brite Tank

Model: BT15.5G
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  • 15.5 gallon capacity beer keg with a 4" triclamp opening includes a sanitary cap with two ball locks posts and a pull-ring pressure relief valve
  • Constructed of durable 304 stainless steel for supreme cleanliness and sanitation
  • 1.8 mm thick top and bottom chimes have been rolled so that they are strong and easy to grip
  • This brite tank can be used to serve, carbonate, ferment, or condition your beverages
  • Use the extra wide 4" opening in order to easily clean deep inside the keg

This brand new Kegco HS-BT15.5G 15.5 US Gallon full size, half barrel brite tank has been designed with a large 4" triclamp opening that includes a sanitary cap with two ball locks posts and an adjustable pressure relief valve, allowing it to be used to serve, carbonate, ferment, or condition your beverages. Made entirely of food and beverage grade AISI 304 stainless steel, the brite tank features fully rolled top and bottom stainless steel chimes that are 1.8mm thick all around, making it strong and easily gripped. All seams have been TIG machine welded for smooth and consistent seams with no burn residue, making it resistant to contamination. The vessel's surfaces have been chemically descaled (pickled) and fully passivized for a clean, sanitary, and corrosive free surface that ensures high quality packaging and transportation of beer and liquids. In addition, the ball lock posts are recessed, enabling this cellar keg to stack up to 4 tanks high. Kegco's kegs are used by breweries all over the world, so this tank is an excellent choice for your brewery.

Can Be Used For:

  • Fermenting under pressure: By allowing CO2 to exit via the relief valve, fermenting in a brite tank reduces esters and fusel alcohol production so that you can ferment at warmer temperatures
  • Topping up barrels: Safely store and dispense small amounts of wine while completely avoiding oxygen exposure
  • Holding and dispensing chemicals: The sturdy construction makes it an ideal container for carpet cleaning and other industrial applications
  • Filtering: Easily pressurize the tank after fermentation to push the contents through a filter and into another keg
  • 4" Triclamp Opening
  • Sanitary Cap with Two Ball Lock Posts and a Pull-Ring Pressure Relief Valve
  • Food and beverage grade AISI 304 stainless steel
  • 1.8 mm thick rolled top and bottom chimes
  • TIG machine welded seams
  • Chemically descaled (pickled) and fully passivized
  • Rated up to 3.5 BAR (50 psi)
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Easy to use
Michael Fry

We’re using these as a brite tank for The Meading Room with our Ciders. These work perfect and have a great price point. They’re also stackable which is a huge bonus.


Great Tank!!!

I bought one of these to use as a 10 Gal. fermenter.
So far, I've brewed two IPAs under pressure, and they work GREAT!!!


Great Tank!!!

Used mine to ferment a 10 gallon Two-Hearted Ale clone under pressure. I attached a home-made spunding valve and fermented at 8 lbs of pressure, dry-hopping right before final gravity was reached.

It all went off without a hitch. The 4" Tri-clamp made dry hopping easy, and the gas-in / liquid out connectors made pressurized transfers to serving kegs a piece of cake.

The only thing that would make this a better unit is if it had a thermowell built into the cap. I sent the cap off to a fab shop, and they added a welded thermowell for a nominal charge.

I like this so much that I've ordered a second unit.

Hi. What PSI is the pressure relief valve set to?
by JP on January 27, 2022
This item is rated up to 3.5 BAR (50 psi)
by Tim on January 28, 2022
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