Taprite Bronco US Sankey D System Low Profile Hand Keg Pump

Model: PP601
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  • Great for parties and special occasions
  • Popular due to its high durability and reasonable price point
  • Comes with an American D System coupler that allows you to tap all domestic brand kegs
  • Hand pump tap; your beer will go flat overnight
  • Designed for parties where you plan on drinking the whole keg that same day or night

This Taprite PP601 Keg Pump is a very popular model for store rentals due to its high durability and reasonable price point. It comes with an American Sankey D System coupler which is good for tapping all domestic brand kegs.

This pump is great for parties and special occasions. This is a hand pump tap, so your beer will go flat overnight. This is designed for parties where you plan on drinking the whole keg that same day or night.

  • American Sanke D System
  • Black Lever Coupler
  • Low Profile Plastic Pump


Worst Pump Ever

Product was missing a rubber washer that caused it to produce nothing but foam. Ruined the whole keg of beer as well as the event. Would have been better off renting a pumpo from the keg company for the same amount of money.


Durable and cheap

The Bronco tap is very easy to use and conveinient because of its low profile. It's worth buying, as it is relatively cheap, and is plastic. I've used this tap many times, taking it back and forth to barbecues and other outdoor gatherings and it hasn't failed me yet.

The only true negative is that the beer will go flat fairly quickly if not consumed in one day/night.

If entire keg is not drank can it be taken off and the beer stay carbonated for a any decent amount of time?
by Lapua Master on December 03, 2018
Carbonation stays in solution if the pressure supplied to the keg stays at a consistent 12 psi. If the gas pressure supplied to the keg over the period of pouring drops below 12 psi., then carbonation in solution has less resistance than it will slowly de carbonate in solution and rise into the head space. Hops on the other hand become stale and not as brilliant after 30 days.
by Dave on December 04, 2018
Staff Answer
Is the handle short enough to be able to tap a 1/6 barrel keg?
by Michael on September 06, 2022
This will tap a 1/6 barrel keg.
by Jake on September 20, 2022
Staff Answer


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