Taprite Pony US Sankey D System Low Profile Hand Keg Pump

Model: PP501
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  • Plastic body and pump
  • Draws beer in three easy steps
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • "No-Foam" Pressure Relief Button
  • "No-Spritz" Pump Seal

This Taprite PP501 Pony Pump for US Sankey D System kegs has been uniquely designed with many practical features. Simple and efficient, in three easy steps, you're ready to pump and draw!

  1. Align notches in base of Pony Pump with corresponding lugs located on the top of the keg valve
  2. While holding firmly in a vertical position, press pump body down into the keg valve
  3. Rotate the pump body one quarter-turn clockwise to engage the keg (This locks the pump in place and opens keg valve)

This pump is great for parties and special occasions. This is a hand pump tap, so your beer will go flat overnight. This is designed for parties where you plan on drinking the whole keg that same day or night.

Important note:Please keep your keg refrigerated or ice it down right away covering at least three-quarters of the keg. If not, you'll have warm and foamy beer. Keg beer should not be left at room temperature for any length of time.

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