Kegco Elite Series Dual Body CO2 Draft Beer Regulator

Model: LHU5DB
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  • This regulator's dual body design allows you to dispense two different kegs at different pressures using the same CO2 tank
  • Stylish black pressure gauges feature high-contrast red and white writing and sturdy rubber boots that help protect them from damage
  • Large ergonomic handles make it easy to make precise temperature adjustments between 0-60 PSI for greater dispensing control
  • Durable chrome-plated brass construction features manual pressure release valves and internal pressure relief valves that release pressure at 55-65 PSI
  • A built-in tank washer prevents leaks while a sintered metal filter built into the stem keeps harmful contaminants out of the regulator

Kegco's LHU5DB Elite Series Dual Body CO2 Draft Beer Regulator has a bold design with elite functionality. Designed for applications where two kegs of beer will be dispensed at two different pressures, it boasts three gauges that display both the CO2 pressure in each of the kegs and the volume of CO2 gas remaining in the cylinder, so you won't be caught off guard by an empty gas tank in the middle of a party. This regulator has a dual body design that features two 5/16" barbs and two large adjustment knobs that are easy to grip and turn for precise pressure placement. For added safety, it also has manual pressure release valves and internal pressure relief valves that release pressure at 55-65 PSI. A sintered metal filter has been built into the stem to keep harmful contaminants out of the regulator, so you'll be using it to enjoy beer after beer for years to come.

Kegco LHU5DB Design

Bold Design

This regulator's sophisticated design boasts bold black gauges with high-contrast red and white text that is both stylish and easy to read. Matching black plastic handles and black shut-off knobs add to the sleek look.

Kegco LHU5DB Performance

Powerful Performance

Two large ergonomic adjustment knobs give you the power to make precise pressure adjustments with ease, between 0-60 PSI. A built-in tank washer helps deliver leak-free performance.

Kegco LHU5DB Durability

Unbeatable Durability

Constructed from sturdy chrome-plated brass, this regulator also features a dependable rubber boot on each pressure gauge to protect the gauges from damage.

Warning WARNING: This product has Brass components. Brass alloys are known to contain trace amounts of Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to


In an elite class

Easy to see dials, easy to turn knobs, easy to attach to tank with built in gasket on regulator.
Beast of a product, heavy and durable.

Can you get this regulator with 1/4 in barbs instead of 5/16 in barbs?
by er on October 22, 2018
This regulator cannot be customized with a 1/4" barb. You would need to purchase the 1/4" barb separately.
by Krystina on October 22, 2018
Staff Answer
Is this product expandable if I'd like to add a third in-line regulator eventually?
by Ken on November 28, 2018
Technically you can add to the side of the primary, but it is unsafe to do so. The pressure in that chamber is unregulated off of the bottle and all those seals are pressure tested at the manufacturer. You are better off adding a secondary.
by Dave on November 29, 2018
Staff Answer
Could this product be used with the following product to eventually expand the regulator into a 3 or 4 line system? Thanks!
by Ken on November 29, 2018
Yes, this item in the link can be added to the side of an existing primary regulator. Sealing it up will be tricky as these are glued tight, but it is doable.
by Dave on November 30, 2018
Staff Answer
Is there an instruction sheet that comes with this purchased a few weeks back and having a hard time dialing in the pressure
by First timer on April 28, 2019
Please log into - type videos in our search bar - Select Customer service videos - Select How do I find a fix a leak in a regulator?
From there, you'll see a video that will help you set and maintain your regulator.
by Ben on May 14, 2019
Staff Answer
We have some great tutorial videos on our website under our knowledge based section. And if you like please call in to discuss the difficulties you are facing with regulator and we can gladly assist you.
by Dave on May 14, 2019
Staff Answer
I'd like this, but need the tank side to be on the left. Do you offer a solution to that?
by Dave on April 30, 2019
Unfortuantely we do not offer the regulators switch around. Not sure why they all sort of come from various manufacturers set up to go right side, but i dont recommend trying to un thread the guages and swap the stem.
by Dave on May 11, 2019
Staff Answer
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