Kegco Commercial Grade Double Gauge Beer Regulator

Model: 762
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  • Gauges indicate both output pressure to the keg and CO2 volume in the tank
  • Durably constructed to provide a consistent flow pour after pour
  • For commercial grade applications such as restaurants and bars
  • T-Style adjustment valve does not require use of tools to set output pressure
  • Regulators are all pressure tested to assure reliability in the field

Kegco's 762 dual gauge commercial grade regulator will deliver reliable peak performance even in demanding commercial environments. It has been durably constructed for a consistent flow pour after pour, and features a T-Style adjustment valve that makes it easy to adjust the keg pressure when the regulator is cold. The gauge on top of the regulator indicates how much CO2 pressure is inside of the keg, while the gauge on the side indicates the volume of CO2 gas left in the cylinder. This regulator has a pressure release valve conveniently located on the regulator body.

  • T-Style valve can be adjusted by hand, so you will not need special tools to set the output pressure
  • Commercial Grade to withstand the demands of the busiest bars and restaurants
  • Non-adjustable "shut-down" has been built into the regulator body
  • Whenever delivery pressure gets too high, an internal relief valve opens, serving as a warning that the seat or diaphragm may be damaged or worn and should be replaced
  • Inlet nipple has a sintered metal flow control filter to keep dirt and other particles from harming the internal regulator parts
  • Inlet nipple has a permanent thick nylon seal that eliminates one source of leaks, so you will not need to use a new fiber washer every time the tank is changed
  • Hose barb end has been designed for use with 5/16" I.D. pressure tubing
  • Regulators are all pressure tested to assure reliability in the field
Warning WARNING: This product has Brass components. Brass alloys are known to contain trace amounts of Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to


Dependable product

I purchased this item for a home kegorator. Did I need commercial grade? No, but the construction and features are excellent. The double gage is a real plus.


Have not used yet!

Looks to be a HD unit!
Have not used it yet!


Worth the upgrade

worth every cent: metal handles on pressure control and ball lock gives more accurate adjustment than disk shaped control and just feels better


Solid Product

Replaced the regulator that came with my original kegerator after it started to fail, and it always struggled to keep the pressure constant anyway. This one hasn't had that problem. Once I found a good pressure for good pours, I have't had to adjust it once. Which is good because the T-style adjustment sits right up against the keg, so I'd have to move it to make any changes. That's the only drawback.

What is the output pressure range?
by JD on April 15, 2019
ideally only up to 55psi. The regulators have saftey release valves that can trigger if the pressures are set too high. It will protect users from explosions on seal failures not only on the regulator but the kegs, the lines, and the keg couplers.
by Dave on April 20, 2019
Staff Answer
What is the working output PSI range? (Min-Max output)
by JD on April 16, 2019
Is T-Handle turned counterclockwise or clockwise to turn regulator off? I assume clockwise, but your style that has a dial says to turn counterclockwise until all the way out, which turns regulator off!???
by JBL on October 15, 2019
Turning the handle counterclockwise decreases the pressure turning the flow of gas off.
by Ben on November 12, 2019
Staff Answer
Commercial Grade Double Gauge Beer Regulator Model:762
by Brad on December 07, 2019
Yes, this regulator is commercial grade.
by Jake on December 12, 2019
Staff Answer
I bought this regulator from you and with first keg no issues. Just tapped second keg last night, pressures looked normal. Came home today and out of CO2!!! Worried I messed something up when I detached CO2 line to soak coupler. Any ideas? Going to get more CO2 tomorrow but assume if I am leaking it will continue. Thanks
by Mike on July 20, 2020
That's tough to diagnose without having a conversation, please call us at 800-710-9939 when you're in front of your equipment and we can discuss further and try to isolate your leak.
by Nick on August 17, 2020
Staff Answer
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