Kegco Elite Series Dual Gauge Nitrogen Draft Beer Regulator

Model: LHU5N
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  • This nitrogen regulator's dual gauge design allows you to monitor both the output pressure to the keg and the volume of gas left in the cylinder
  • Stylish black pressure gauges feature high-contrast red and white writing and sturdy rubber boots that help protect them from damage
  • Large ergonomic handle makes it easy to make precise pressure adjustments between 0-60 PSI for greater dispensing control
  • Durable chrome-plated brass body features a manual pressure release valve and an internal pressure relief valve that releases pressure at 55-65 PSI
  • A built-in tank washer prevents leaks while a sintered metal filter built into the stem keeps harmful contaminants out of the regulator
    8.25" H x 8.5" W x 4.75" D

Kegco's LHU5N Elite Series Dual Gauge Nitrogen Draft Beer Regulator has a bold design with elite functionality. Designed for applications where one keg of stout beer, coffee, or wine will be dispensed at a time, it boasts a double gauge design that displays both the pressure inside of the keg and the volume of gas remaining in the cylinder, so you'll never be caught off guard by an empty tank again. This regulator features a single 5/16" barb and a large adjustment knob that is easy to grip and turn for precise pressure placement. For added safety, it also has a manual pressure release valve and an internal pressure relief valve that releases pressure at 55-65 PSI. A sintered metal filter has been built into the stem to keep harmful contaminants out of the regulator, ensuring long-lasting, high-quality performance. This nitrogen regulator is compatible with high pressure tanks with CGA-580 valves.

Kegco LHU5N Design

Bold Design

This regulator's sophisticated design boasts bold black gauges with high-contrast red and white text that is both stylish and easy to read. A matching black plastic handle and black shut-off knob add to the sleek look.

Kegco LHU5N Performance

Powerful Performance

A large ergonomic adjustment knob gives you the power to make precise pressure adjustments with ease, between 0-60 PSI. A built-in tank washer helps deliver leak-free performance.

Kegco LHU5N Durability

Unbeatable Durability

Constructed from sturdy chrome-plated brass, this regulator also features a dependable rubber boot on each pressure gauge to protect the gauges from damage.

Warning WARNING: This product has Brass components. Brass alloys are known to contain trace amounts of Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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Beverage Factory - Kegerator Instruction Manual - Page 4 - Gas Connection "If there is a washer built into the end of your regulator, you do not need to use an additional washer" Question: Does the KC LHU5N Double Gauge Nitrogen Regulator need an additional washer?
by Robert on January 10, 2019
All of our LHU5N regulators come with a build on washer or o ring to make the proper seal to the co2 tank. You do not need any additional or secondary set of washer or o ring applied. We do provide you with a back up one though incase you lose or break the Washer or O Ring that is in use.
by Dave on January 10, 2019
Staff Answer
This seems to be the wrong shape for the beer gas tank. The tank is a CGA585 valve, but it is too big to fully fit into the tank, and the gas is leaking out because it can't fully thread. What can I try?
by Thirsty on July 15, 2020
Beer gas is typically put into a nitrogen tank, which will always have a CGA-580 valve. I have not heard of a CGA-585 valve being used. Please call us at 800-710-9939 to further discuss.
by Nick on August 17, 2020
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