Kegco Premium Mini Nitrogen Regulator Portable Dispense Kit

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  • The Premium Mini Nitrogen Regulator Portable Dispense Kit includes a stainless steel faucet and couplers for 100% stainless contact with your beverages!
  • Boasts compact and portable components that make it perfect for dispensing kegs of stout beer, wine, and cold brew coffee at parties and special events
  • Dispense ball lock kegs on the go without requiring a heavy nitrogen tank and regulator
  • Includes a Kegco mini nitrogen regulator, stainless steel ball lock keg couplers, stainless steel stout faucet with faucet knob, and 18 gram disposable nitrogen cylinder
  • For added convenience, you can also add on a paintball tank adapter and homebrew kegs

Thanks to Kegco's Premium Mini Nitrogen Regulator Portable Dispense Kit, there's no need to sacrifice high-quality performance when dispensing kegs of your favorite stout beer, wine, or cold brew coffee on the go! Specially designed with premium components that are compact yet powerful, this kit makes it easy to dispense kegs at parties and special events without having to haul around heavy tanks and regulators.

Kit Includes:

  • Brass Mini Nitrogen Regulator
    This brass nitrogen regulator is compatible with 5/8" UNF threaded nitrogen and CO2 cartridges and has a flared 1/4" MFL connection on the output for use with a ball lock or pin lock disconnect. It features a clear 0-60 PSI display and an easy-to-use adjustment knob.
  • Stainless Steel Ball Lock Couplers with 1/4" MFL
    Constructed of durable and sanitary stainless steel, this set of ball lock home brew MFL couplers include both a gas in and beer out coupler for use with ball lock Cornelius Pepsi kegs. The gas in and beer out coupler feature a 1/4" thread for a flare fitting. The 1/4" MFL fittings allow you to easily remove your gas/beer lines from the coupler connector.
  • All Stainless Contact Stout Beer Faucet
    This faucet features 100% stainless steel contact for the utmost in sanitation and durability, with beautiful chrome accents. It operates by pulling forward and down on the tap handle, and has a restricted stout that contains a tiny disc. The restrictor disc helps slow down the pour and allows the beer to pour properly. If you need to pour regular beer with this faucet, just remove the restrictor disc. This faucet comes with a sleek and stylish chrome plated brass tap handle.
  • Faucet Adapter with Coupling Nut
    This adapter allows you to connect the faucet to the beer out coupler. It features a spring that puts pressure on the back of the faucet piston to make the faucet close by itself.
  • 18 Gram Disposable Nitrogen Cylinder
    This 18 gram, 5/8" threaded neck disposable nitrogen cylinder contains food-grade nitrogen suitable for dispensing coffee, wine, and stout beers.
Warning WARNING: This product has Brass components. Brass alloys are known to contain trace amounts of Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to


Great item, helps with limited keezer space
Brew Dewd

I have limited space in my keezer and use primarily co2. This helps when I’m serving Guinness or Boddingtons and don’t want the extra tank.

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