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Neutrocork 38 x 23 mm - 30 count

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Neutrocork is the latest in new-generation natural cork closures. This 'micro-agglomerated' cork is composed of small, uniformly-sized cork granules that have been pressed into an individual mold. They are manufactured from premium cork granules and hot vapor treated which reduces TCA or Trichloranisole, the main cause of corky, musty tastes in wine. The result of these corks is an attractive, natural closure that is affordable, easy to remove, and extremely durable - it stands up to mechanical bottling. The Neutrocork is recommended for wines intended for consumption within two years.

  • Form Factor: Straight
  • Material: Natural Cork
  • Composition: Micro-Agglomerated
  • Length: 38 mm
  • Diameter: 23 mm
  • Legacy Sizing: No. 9 x 1.5

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