Perlick Growler Filler Tube

Model: PLGF
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  • Features Stainless Steel Fitting with Two Sealing O-Rings For a Secure Fit
  • Designed to Work With Perlick's 600 Series Faucets, including Flow Control Faucets
  • Makes it Easy to Fill Up Growlers and Jugs From Your Perlick Faucet

This Growler Filler Tube makes it easier than ever to fill up growlers and jugs from your Perlick faucet. One end features a stainless steel fitting with sealing O-rings that fits securely inside your Perlick 600 Series Faucet, and the other end has a line of tubing that fits directly into your growler, jug, or beer glass. The tube allows you to fill from the bottom of the growler for less foam, less waste and more convenience.


Growler fill tube

This one works with the 630SS from Bev Factory Perlick faucet. I read not all filler tubes work with all Perlick faucets. So check.

How long it the tube?
by Kolchak on October 30, 2018
The length of the Perlick Growler fill tube is 11.5 inches.
by Dave on October 31, 2018
Staff Answer
Good morning, Does the growler tube connect & disconnect easily? Some people mention food grade lube needed to be able to connect. Some also mention it's not long enough. Add 5 " and a couple of bucks! Thanks
by signman449 on January 13, 2023
The growler tube does connect and disconnect easily, using the rubber o-rings to seal.
by Jake on January 19, 2023
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